It's always a great day when we get news about one of our "ladies" and yesterday I received a call from Holly in Tennessee who was in tears as she let me know she was now the proud owner of "JJ" as she calls her.  When I originally sold her to Debora LaVaute she was leased to Holly to ride and breed to Indigo Blue.  She ended up missing her opportunity and "JJ" did get deliver a foal for Michael and Kristin Catterton of Blu Mountain Walkers in Stuarts Draft Virginia.  

Debora decided to sell her and Holly missed her chance but YESTERDAY WAS HER DAY!  Congratulations from all of us here at Genesis TWH as there is nothing quite like having a mare that you truly care about and I know how much you care about her.  I'm looking for photos! 

Congratulations to Michael and Kristin Catterton of Blu Mountain Walkers in Stuarts Draft Virgina on a beautiful colt out of one of our Jose' Jose' mares Tamale who we sold a couple of years ago.  We think this colt out of IM Breeze Blu and Jose's A Hot Tamale renamed Josés Josette is amazing with a walk that will turn heads and bring a smile to your face.  He will go on to great things and we are proud to be able to keep in the loop as to what is happening with our mares when they leave here at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm.  It is truly a pleasure working with these great mares and helping them reach their potential when they don't make padded classes.  Their keen minds and great spirits are brilliant and loving with potential in so many ways.  Here you see just one facet of what they are capable of.    Thank you Debora LaVaute for keeping me in the loop! 

Today I once again realize why I love our farm so much.  When you get busy and have a cold winter you often wonder why?  For us it has always been the end result of finding the right match for the horse and an owner.  A partnership begun and today Mike and Carol reminded us of that joy and sense of purpose.   Thank you for choosing Genesis TWH for your new walking horse partners.  

They are the proud new owners of: 
Miss Chiquita by Jose' Jose' out of an Out on Parole Mare (age 4, black roan and lots of chrome with a sweatheart personality) is for him

Buckskin Boogie (aka BB) our chocolate buckskin mare is her choice!  Both of them will enjoy them and we look forward to their photos from the saddle! 

Thank you so much for the great videos and the article about Mae.  I had actually forgotten that the ad was still up on Dreamhorse, and happily she is no longer for sale.  I incurred an injury (not riding) that made riding regularly not an option for me at this point.  I am a psychologist and had the good fortune to speak with someone who is certified in EAGALA and EAP work and they suggested I keep her and let her have a job as a therapy horse.  I was selling her because she is so wonderful to be around and work with, that I didn't want her just standing out at pasture with no mental stimulation or a "job" to keep her happy and connected with people.  After looking into training programs and options, I am currently finishing my own certification and will keep her as a member of our family, but she will also be working with many of my psychotherapy clients.  I moved her to a different barn recently where there are a number of good young riders who could certainly ride her to keep her current with in-saddle work.  There is a beautiful indoor and outdoor area for me to work with her on the ground, and also have appts. with my therapy clients.  So, the long and short of it is I am grateful to be keeping her, and she has a new job as my co-therapist.  :)

May 2015, Memorial Day weekend we had the pleasure of exploring a new destination that I have long wanted to visit.  The famed Rattlesnake Saloon and 7 Springs Lodge.  I'm not sure if I was more excited about riding my horse up to a bar in a cave or the waterfalls that I knew were the trail end destinations but I do know that the owners and everyone there were a true pleasure!  This property sits on 3500 acres that have been in the family for generations and you'll find all kinds of great things such as a general store and a talented carver on site with beautiful pieces you can purchase.  If you don't have a camper, make reservations to stay in the custom built cabins built in old silo buildings!  


This 4 year old mare by World Grand Champion Main Power and a Motown Magic mare is one of the most beautiful mares I've had the pleasure to own and train.  Mr Gene Burnett and his wife Neltine agreed and took her home to Lewisburg Kentucky to replace a mare that was near and dear to his heart that he had lost after many years.  His mare was exceptional in that he could not ride her for 10 years then step up into the saddle at Wranglers Campground and she would be rock solid.  I've always believed that ground manners and the relationship between the owner - rider and that horse make anything possible.  IF that mare is a walking horse with the temperament and breeding to be a partner.  This mare is a perfect example of that mindset. 

Mariah Carey is a 4 year old mare who had not been ridden since last 4th of July weekend as the weather and my time off had not meshed at all.  I was very hesitant to show her to a potential new owner for that reason and because I was toying with the idea of keeping her as one of our Genesis farm mares.  I was especially hesitant given Mr Burnett is in his 70's and had just installed a pacemaker, but knew I'd enjoy the visit and he wanted to make the trip.  How did it work out?  

Heads Up Riders.  Did you know that in any "wilderness area" they WILL NOT come in and get you in case of a serious accident, especially Shawnee Wilderness Area?  I did not and neither did any of the long term permanent campers at Little Lusk.   I'm not sure how you feel, but having been in this situation I truly believe in keeping the forest clean but in lives before birds & fauna.  If there is an accident requiring a life flight helicopter on site, then it requires them mobilizing and coming in.  At least with one person who has medical experience and supplies via dirt bike or horse back and two would be preferable in case you had to rig a sling to carry the out.   We had a real life emergency requiring Life Flight Saturday 5/24/2014......

I know it sounds crazy and looks even crazier, but it's easy to pack in the trailer, keeps them warm, and keeps them clean.  I discovered Sleazy Barb's Horsewear about 5 years ago and the horses are okay with sliding it over their head which was hard to believe and it's the equivalent to the new Under Armour wear in keeping their temperature them warm.  Plus it fits in a ziploc gallon bag so "easy to pack".

Every time I get these out, I have to shake my head as they are so over the top, but they are fun and come in handy when you want to keep a horse clean or give them an extra bit of warmth.  The amazing thing is that they don't really mind it.   And for the men out there, they do come in solid colors "without" sparkles and bright patterns! 

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