Thank you so much for the great videos and the article about Mae.  I had actually forgotten that the ad was still up on Dreamhorse, and happily she is no longer for sale.  I incurred an injury (not riding) that made riding regularly not an option for me at this point.  I am a psychologist and had the good fortune to speak with someone who is certified in EAGALA and EAP work and they suggested I keep her and let her have a job as a therapy horse.  I was selling her because she is so wonderful to be around and work with, that I didn't want her just standing out at pasture with no mental stimulation or a "job" to keep her happy and connected with people.  After looking into training programs and options, I am currently finishing my own certification and will keep her as a member of our family, but she will also be working with many of my psychotherapy clients.  I moved her to a different barn recently where there are a number of good young riders who could certainly ride her to keep her current with in-saddle work.  There is a beautiful indoor and outdoor area for me to work with her on the ground, and also have appts. with my therapy clients.  So, the long and short of it is I am grateful to be keeping her, and she has a new job as my co-therapist.  :)

I bought her from a woman outside of Louisville three years ago... not sure how she got from the new owner you referenced in the article to the place I found her.  She is really a wonderful mare, and I am soooo happy to be able to keep her, in a way that should keep her happy too!  I would love to stay connected to you and will keep you posted on how she is doing. At some point I might like to breed her if the situation is right, she has the most kind disposition. 

Thank you again for reaching out, I appreciate it and will give Mae a hug for you later today!  Warmly,  Allison Newman

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Not:  We also had her dam Skywatch Girl


I was more than pleased with the opportunity to find out where Mae was and to discover she is in such a wonderful environment!  Please do send me your photos and information on any of our Genesis Mares!  

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