I can't say how much I love this system.  My horses no longer hate the wash bay and this gets ALL the dirt and grime from them plus I believe it keeps the bugs off them and their coat from getting hot spots.  The sheer simplicity of letting them enjoy the bathing process as well as keeping the owner happy and DRY is perfect.  Wash on - Rinse off.  Then some love and attention to the mane and tail for those special needs like our silver threads of hair IF we have any and DONE in record time with no harm to the horse or the environment.

GENIUS. If I had not seen it in person on a spotted horse that was covered in grime I probably would have been skeptical at first BUT I DID.  They used the pre-wash on the hard spots and it was a miracle I felt and in record time.  I had spotted horses at the time and knew how much time it took to gain the same results that it took MINUTES to get there with them.  

INNOVATION - CARE - LOVE for the animal were all put into this product I feel and it shows.  

FYI IT DOES NOT STING THEIR EYES....they still hate to get it in their ears.  Can't recommend it enough to friends and family. 

People always ask why our horses are so calm and my standard response has always been why shouldn't they?  This stud horse is a prime example.  We have him here in a barn full of mares and are saddling him up after 7 days in a stall.  He did great.  It is "always" about personality and expectations.  You have to choose animals that are both intelligent and willing to follow your lead - then you have to lead. We have always had mares at the farm but I found this All American Cash stud and had to have him.  He had a great personality and his body could have been sculpted by masters.  Now, I do have to say that we kept him about 8 months and then I knew that having a stud horse or gelding was not the direction I wanted to go. 

Last year we saw temperatures below zero here in western Kentucky we were fortunate to have been prepared.  My friends and clients asked how we were handling the cold and keeping our mares safe.  We shared our information but also decided that we needed to see if there was anything else we were missing.  The answer is many things as this referenced article on getting your barn winter ready shows by Ramm Fence on how to organize and prepare your barn in case bad weather presents itself.

1.  Safer Stalls Prevent Injuries.  For those of you who stall your horses 50% of the time, if not longer remember it needs to offer a sense of security.  A horse's stall should be a safe place that provides comfort, rest and easy feeding. Check all of your stall walls to be sure that there are no protruding nails, sharp edges or worn feeders that could result in an injury. Replace any old wood and be sure your stalls are free from split, chewed, and uneven boards. Holes in stall walls or any open spaces can turn into a place for a potential injury from a kick or a curious nose.  note:  I've found that horses are often bored and anything that can go wrong does and particularly in confinement.  Rub over the walls with your hands to see if there are any issues and check your horses daily when feeding to see if there are any sores or injuries they have sustained.  It is never a good idea to assume their stalls are free from harmful areas.


Horse_Emergency_Aid.jpgBE PREPARED EVERY TIME YOU RIDE OUT ON HORSEBACK.  If you are riding in a wilderness area open to horses or not they WILL NOT come extract you in an emergency. See: http://wilderness.org/article/wilderness-act  I originally published this article in 2011 and thought we were ready for an emergency.  We were NOT.  5/24/2014 at 2pm in the Shawnee National Forest @ Little Lusk in Eddyville we had a horrible horse accident and only GOD kept us safe.  I deployed my satellite emergency beacon, it worked!  One of our group caught up to a couple who had a permanent spot and knew the woods to send them for help.  Great!  We were able to talk to 911.  FANTASTIC.  They told her help was coming.  The US Coast Guard had our exact location per the emergency beacon.  The ATV's were coming in to get us.  WRONG

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Fifteen plus years ago, I had a great riding buddy who gave me an actual list of what I needed in my trailer and truck to go camping for a week in Emminence Missouri and I've kept that list for many years as it has come in handy.  I've updated it some through the years and think it is fairly accurate for standard camping.  Of course, I've added many other non-essential accessories that I feel are mandatory as well for my personal comfort, but this list is fairly accurate for standard camping needs.

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