Quite frankly a great saddle makes all the difference both to you and your horse. I ride a Steele saddle and have done so since first trying them at the Eminence Trail Ride as they had the Demo Program there. I then had one built and have ridden it ever since which now makes 14 years. Recently I went back to Steele Saddle to get a saddle for my husband. He had ridden in my small seat and didn't think the Steele was for him. Gentlemen, the rider's groove fits like a glove and if you are riding a saddle that is too small.......well let's just say it is very uncomfortable due to the the rise in the front of the saddle. He had one custom saddle, which after riding it for a couple of hours he found it had a knot in it and would never ride it again. Then he bought a Circle Y flex tree saddle, which he did like and has ridden for the past 9 years and actually bought another with a different cantle for riding our younger horses safely.

The Circle Y worked well for several years, but they had a flaw in some of them wherein the tree actually breaks and this doesn't affect you as a rider or your horse UNLESS certain circumstances are in play. However, when they are it results in a painful back sore at the back of your horse's spine which takes them out from riding for several weeks while they heal. Literally what happens is that your saddle sits firmly on that back spine and creates a pressure point.  We found it to be true in the horses we had that were Jose' Jose' mares which are really great waking horses by the way and with their back end coming up so far underneath them in their gait it actually sits them up in the front and rounds their back end which puts that flaw in the Circle Y into violent play and if you have the bad luck we had then it is on a long trail ride and you don't find out until you get back and un saddle. *The other thing I've found out is the Jose' Jose' mares have no quit in them. They are all heart and have amazing personalities.

Circle Y is a brand that is very respected and many people have them but they have no long term warranty and with their price point they should. The resulting situation was that we were in the market for a new saddle as we were not taking the chance of the perfect storm happening again. Circle Y would not stand behind their saddle and neither did Tucker Saddle who bought them out. 

I convinced my husband to try the Steele Saddle trail demo program when we went to Eastfork last fall. They have a 100% unconditional life time warranty on their tree and have a high quality saddle as I can attest to. He fought the idea, but when I ordered one anyway and put it in the trailer he did ride it. Day one he was certain it was a really good saddle, but didn't want to pay the price for it.  Day two he really liked it. Day three he said "You were right", I have to get one! As you know husbands are not great about telling you that.  We rode for 10 days and he never does that as he has hip issues.  He wasn't overly sore like he usually is, the horse moved freely in the saddle, and it was a pleasure to watch him enjoy riding with me. Now, I have to admit that riding is my passion and he enjoys it as well, but not like I do so there are not many things I wouldn't do to keep him happily riding with me so this was a real bonus for me as well.  

In ordering his saddle I received quite a few blessings in that I was able to get him a truly great saddle to enjoy and the timing was such that he was able to choose a more customized saddle than they have offered in the past ordering the: Steele Trail Boss Saddle with lightweight cedar tree, hand-tooled skirt and fenders in western rigging in chocolate leather with the chocolate buffalo skin seat. We will be picking it up next week some time. 

I decided to upgrade my saddle as well to the new Steele Platinum Plantation Trail Saddle which was built on my model for those ladies who want something ultra nice as well as comfortable. I was also able to earn their business in building their new online shopping website and news platform which I am really proud of: www.SteeleSaddle.com and working with Fred & Eric at Steele Saddle was a true pleasure. You can see why they have been successful as they use the products they build. If you haven't tried their saddles, order a demo and ride it before you buy to see what you have been missing. 

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