Our guarantee and refund policy at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm

guaranteestampMoney-Back - Satisfaction Guarantee

We have sold many horses across the country sight unseen to clients who have to depend on our testimonials, our videos, our photos, and the health history of a horse. With horses in more than 26 states and 2 shipped overseas, we have had great success in matching the client's needs to the horse. Our guarantee provides these clients with the added security of knowing that horse is as described and sound.  It is exactly what I would need in purchasing a horse sight unseen and makes perfect sense as a business.

We spend an extensive amount of time in taking photos, taking videos, and talking with clients as well as asking them to talk with our clients regarding their experiences. If the horse fits the potential client then we have earned what we feel is a new referral in the walking horse world and as a small farm selling approximately 6-13 horses a year that is a goal of ours. If the horse does not suit the potential client, then I have had the pleasure of talking with another horse enthusiast and hopefully helped them in learning what to ask for in talking with the next person who owns a horse they are interested in purchasing. I have taken photos and videos of mounting, bathing, leading, unloading, giving haircuts, and even of the swirl pattern in their forehead.  The bottom line is that we will take a video or photo of any aspect requested so that your time is not wasted in making the trip to the farm and so that we do not put a horse off the market on hold unless you are sure it is a great match per the needs you have listed. 

What is our guarantee specifically?

Guaranteed Sound: Should you purchase a Tennessee Walking Horse mare, colt, filly, or gelding from GenesisTWH without coming to the farm for an onsite evaluation of the horse, we guarantee that horse is sound and as described for a period of 21 days or your purchase price is refunded in full when we receive the horse back at GenesisTWH and a vet check is done to ensure there are no changes in their health from when they left as a result of your ownership or during your period of caring for the horse. 

All horses must be vet checked before leaving the farm when the coggins and health certificate is pulled by a vet of your choice.  This vet check, coggins, health certificate cost is the responsibility of the purchaser unless clearly stated in writing otherwise by Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm owners. We will provide you a list of all area vets available that you can contact and request the tests you feel are needed in addition to the basic pre-purchase exam. Typical cost of the exam ($95-200+ on average depending on tests you want done), farm call ($80+/- depending on if you use a local vet or one from Evansville Indiana), new coggins and health certificate ($50). Without a vet check the guaranatee is null other than in extreme cases where a condition or issue arises that would not normally be visible on general vet inspections is determined by your vet and the examination by our vet validates the condition. 

21 days allows you to get the vet in to evaluate the horse after having it shipped to you should you desire to do so upon the horses arrival and run any and all specialized tests required. If the horse is unsound upon arrival or has any condition that has been determined by the vet to be pre-existing and not disclosed fully to the new owner, you can transport or ship the horse back to GenesisTWH and receive a full refund of the purchase price of the horse.  We do not pay any transportation costs.

Guaranteed to be as described: Should you purchase a Tennessee Walking Horse mare, colt, filly, or gelding from GenesisTWH without an onsite evaluation of the horse, we guarantee that the horse is as described and shown on video for 14 days. This gives the horse time to settle in and for you to become acclimated to having a new horse getting to know them.  If the horse is not as described upon arrival, you can transport or ship the horse back to GenesisTWH and receive a full refund of the purchase price of the horse. We do not pay any transportation costs. We have had one horse shipped back based on a hoof issue as they were intending the horse to be used without shoes (barefoot) and the feet on this particular horse were not hard enough for the Arizona dessert conditions. They actually purchased the horse after an on site visit and examination, however the circumstances were unusual and we refunded their purchase price. These clients did purchase 4 horses from me over the course of the years and referred others to us in their area as well.


Will we hold a horse for a client?

Yes. If you want to purchase a horse we have here at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm after reviewing all photos, videos, and discussing it in full with us so that we can provide as many details as possible we will hold a horse with a deposit of 25% or $500 for up to 7 days to allow you the time and opportunity for an on site visit and evaluation of the horse to ensure it is exactly as described and sound. Upon visiting the farm and inspecting the horse if it is not as described, not sound, or not what you were looking for the deposit is refundable in full upon that visit.   

The deposit program is only for those serious clients who want to be sure the horse will be available for their on site farm visit to ensure the horse is what it was described as being, sound, and what they wanted. This deposit protects the client affording them the chance to schedule their visit and ensure the horse is there for them as they are serious about purchasing it. It also protects the farm as we have a commitment from you regarding purchasing the horse that is backed by your deposit and commitment to visit the farm within the time frame. Clients do visit and decide the horse is not exactly what they want and we refund their entire deposit. They are looking for a specific fit for their needs and most of the time are looking for their forever horse and that quality of bonding can not be conveyed in a video or photo. Some clients come and find another horse they prefer and they use the deposit towards the purchase of that horse. The important thing for us is that you must come to the farm and inspect the horse you have placed a deposit on as we are taking the horse off the market to hold exclusively for your purchase based on your commitment and deposit. Do not place a deposit if you are not serious about making arrangements to inspect the horse with an on site farm visit.

Should you simply change your mind about purchasing the horse due to circumstances outside our control and therefore, not to follow through with your scheduled on site farm evaluation your deposit is forfeit. The deposit is good towards the purchase of another horse at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm for a period of 3 months.

Farm visits can be scheduled at your convenience however we ask that you provide multiple options so that we can work around those time frames as we have full time jobs and will have to make arrangements as well. We have had clients visit during snow storms, during 110 degree weather, and twice now a client has driven for more than 6 hours and arrived after 10 pm which shows our dedication to our clients and that we will work with you when possible to make your visit to Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm in Kentucky a great experience plus we always learn something from our clients so it is time well spent in our opinion.

Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm in Slaughters Kentucky specializes in mares by world champion sires with common sense, wonderful temperaments, and athletic ability who are a true pleasure to work with. We have horses in 26 states now and 2 overseas with a reputation for excellence. We guarantee our horses to be sound and as described. I'd love the opportunity to talk to you about our ladies. - Marion Miller (270) 339-4176 | Marion@genesistwh.com | Contact Us

We do not trade horses as our mares nor do we accept more than the asking price for the horse and pay the buyers costs for transportation costs for them. We run a fair and reputable business and I invite you to look at our Sold HorsesTestimonials.

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