UPDATE....Yellowstone has a great home in the Shawnee National Forest area!  They will truly enjoy him and already know that he loves peppermint candy treats.

The gelding you’ve been waiting for. Easy and beautiful to look at. Simply stunning and coming 5 yrs old. Loves attention and easy to groom or give a haircut or bathe. Nice head shake walk. Has a nice running walk. He isn’t a speed demon but sets up nice in the bridle and isn’t a slouch by any means and you’ll find out that walk is a ground-eating stride!! He has lots and lots of trail time on him and especially at Wranglers Campground in Western KY. He is not registered just simply an amazing horse who is fantastic for the intermediate +/- rider who wants to be comfortable and grow OR that rider who wants to ride all day with friends and push him when needed.   Leads or follows.   PRICE $5500

Darling Bob, our spotted racking horse gelding left with his new owner Dana Kisor & family who have an amazing Bed & breakfast just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio that combines a historic property and horses with relaxation. Bob is for Dana but she’s a delightful lady who may share! He will have a great home and they will enjoy him!

Thank you for choosing Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse farm for your new trail gelding partner!

Check out this video of our time with Darling Bob here. 

UPDATE:  SOLD & Staying in Kentucky right down the road from us!  4 Year Old Grey Mare For Sale with beautiful flat walk and color that is simply unbelievable.  She has a very nice personality to go with it and has had some training but will go into our spring trail riding course as soon as the country gets back to normal here in the USA which should be in May so she will be available around June for purchase.  This mare breaks our standard mold as do her 2 buckskin sisters as they are not by world champions but we wanted some color to play with last year and it has been fun to see plus they are so beautiful.  This year the dapple grey on this mare alone is simply gorgeous to look at and her sisters are shedding out a dark golden buckskin color that I'm not used to!!!  So a break in standards is good upon occasion I'd say.   If you are looking for a little color and style on the trail then you should consider looking at this mare here at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horses in Kentucky come Summer 2020! 

SOLD. Some matches are "meant to be" and that is the case with this tall glass of water and Anne.  Ritzy is by WGC He's Putting on the Ritz and stands over 16 hands tall so it's a serious conversation when you stride up there to get on her.  Luckily she is calm and laid back.  I don't know that I've seen another Ritz mare that calm but when they let me literally drag myself up there it's something to watch!  (I have videos that have sold horses with those videos!)   With knee replacements and bones that ache, it hurts when I start crawling up there. :) 

When Anne came down to Kentucky looking for a riding horse, she wanted calm and a match for her in personality.  It ended up it was just that!  They rode all over the farm and it was as if she was made for her.  I've received photos from her letting me know that Ritzy is settling in up in IA which is always great to hear and that their first trail ride was a blast. **As a bonus, we now have horses in 27 states!!

Some horses you raise and train and it is an exciting journey other are beautiful and go through your life one after another and still others are intrinsic to your life like Decadent Delilah Cash.  This mare was a super big deal as she was born right on the farm and bought when she was a couple of days old by a dear friend.  It solidified my future riding buddy as we watched her grow into her feet and she bought more horses to breed for her farm down the road.  It built some lasting memories that are forever etched on my heart.  I still remember that conversation "Now, Char....whe's cute now but she'll get bigger.  Then when she was bigger that THINK Big talk.  You know the one, anytime you want space..........THINK BIG with your arms waving and she'll remember you're the boss!"  When Delilah was 2 we sent her off to be trained and then the riding we did was AWESOME.   When Charlene was finally ready to sell her and stop riding, it just about broke my heart and I drug my feet admittedly Sorry Char!  But knew it was the end of an era and I’m not sentimental but I’ll admit it....I cried as she pulled out!   Good news is she left with a great couple who actually came to buy our trailer!   It was meant to be and Good Karma. Part of the healing process. They are coming at Wranglers in October so that’s great. From Fayette MO.  Another relationship made and friend in Missouri.   

Delilah is by the great Hard Texas Cash and an Ebony's Night Owl Mare called She's Simply Irresistible.

Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm, Slaughters KY:  5/26/2008 - TWHBEA registration number 20800947 by Jose' Jose' This 5 year old mare by Jose' Jose' is a perfect example of why I think his mares are amazing for any purpose imagined. We currently have three of his walking horse mares and all are talented and personable. I have found that they mature a bit late starting to fill out after their third birthday. This mare has absolutely no fear and enormous heart as I found out during our ride at Big Southfork October 2010 which was a challenge for any mare and the first time I took her riding. She rode across the wooden hanging bridge and was amazing.  Photo is of Bandy Creek in Big Southfork May 2013.   I also took her to Eastfork to ride in October 2012 and that was a challenge if you've ever been there on trial F....think hard about it before you decide to commit to that one as it is all big hills up and big hills down. Great scenery, but a hard ride for them pulling those hills. Tamale performs very well on trails all day through any environment from gentle trails to crossing a wooden bridge. This mare has heart and grit plus a pedigree and talent that will make her special for any use from showing to endurance riding or your breeding program.   PHOTO:  MAY 2013 at Big Southfork.  - See more at:

SOLD & Will be having babies for Megan Pettit!  Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm, Slaughters KY:  4/23/2010 - TWHBEA registration number 21004542 by Jose' Jose' and dam by Jez's Ritzi Gal by Ritz.  This mare has the Jose Jose' personality and talent combined with the signature looks that a Ritz mare provides.  She is sharp and intelligent with a dark chestnut body and silver hair which is why we named her Silver Tequila.  This mare was put out in the field as a two-year-old and as are all Jose'Jose' mares "slow to mature in size".  She is coming  4 and has put on size and height but we will not see her true beauty until she hits 5 then it's it will be dramatic.  She is already a beauty and when she fills out with that deep chest and high neck combined with those long locks of silver hair she will be more than stunning.  I have not priced her as yet because if she turns out as well as I anticipate she will stay here at the farm.  I wanted two to keep for friends and family.  I will entertain offers.

Tequila has a sweet disposition, a keen head, small ears, a sculpted jaw, and beautiful silver hair.  Her gait is fantastic.


She had been bred to the top sires in the industry

2005...Stoned at the Ritz a Black Stud Colt by the Stonecutter

2008...Real Big Country a Sorrel Stud Colt by A Specialist

2009...Jose's Jezebel a Chestnut mare by Jose'Jose

2010...Silver Tequila a Chestnut mare by Jose' Jose' What are the best uses for this wonderful TWHBEA Jose'Jose' mare at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm? 

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