13569790 1353915324624370 1125801311 oSOLD TO TN. She is unique and has a personality that will not be pigeonholed. She is inquisitive but not in your space. She enjoys the attention but doesn't always want you to know how easy she is. Leads and loads easy. Takes a bath and haircut without any issues and I mean tied to the trailer not cross-tied. She is ready to go when she's mounted as her DNA is set to be task-oriented and she knows it's time to go to work. Her head is bowed beautifully and she looks like she is going into the ring. She travels really nicely even with 3 shoes on in the mountains which should be uncomfortable and it wasn't amazingly smooth but it really wasn't bad either so that was great as we were there several days without a farrier.

CONGRATULATIONS Spencer Benedict Stables.  This mare is returning to her roots.  The dam originally came from SBS and we bought her with the filly on her side bred by Carrie Benedict. Perfect combination and I'm glad to see her going back to Glasgow.  Can't wait to see what she does next.

I don't think she will last long.......This mare is just perfect for anyone who is ready to ride and just wants to enjoy the day. She is calm, laid back, easy to work with, and more importantly, IF you want speed, you have to ask for it. There is no tugging and holding her back. NO moments of feeling the danger of a horse ready to bolt under you. Build up your confidence and do it on a horse that looks great and rides smooth.  She has just a little speed when asked and has no issues riding alone.  I typically (well never) have a horse here at the farm without a blue-blooded pedigree but couldn't resist this mare. She has the kindest eyes and just a soft approach. Boogie or BB as I call it since I am a BB King fan is simply easy to spend the day on. She requires little to no work and you can put just about anyone up there without an issue thus far.

This mare is in the Kentucky Breeders & Incentive Fund and has been a moneymaker every year. She is by a top show mare and has a head full of sense as well as talent in her own right. She is beautiful and elegant with clean lines out of Ample Cash with the bloodline bringing as well that smooth 4 beat gait to the table. Maybelline has been ridden in the water and the woods with no real issues even as she was initially trained. She takes on new obstacles with common sense and evaluates them before proceeding but doesn't get excited.


CONGRATULATIONS MR GENE & MRS NELTINE BURNETT OF LEWISBURG KENTUCKY.  It has been a long and cold winter followed by a lot of rain in the area so riding time has been limited to almost nothing since November.  This walking horse mare is 4 years old and had not been ridden on a trail since late summer so when we got her out last week to see how she would do, we were simply amazed.  She saddled easily and walked right out of the barn with minimal fuss like she had been ridden all spring. 


This mare is coming 4 and just hitting her stride.  We rode her briefly last year to see what her personality and aptitude was for learning - intelligence - demeanor and she did GREAT.  She is intelligent and takes everything in stride from trees to trucks and water.  She doesn't talk to cows but has been stabled with one.  Direct by Jose' Jose' out of a mare who is direct by Out on Parole which gives her that great combination of color, genetic beauty in conformation, and personality for that perfect trail horse.  She was put back into the field to finish growing and filling out!  February 2016 she will go back into the woods for a refresher course and she is beautiful right now - filled out and ready to go. 

Jose' Jose' mares are notorious for growing slowly and hitting their stride at about 4 or 5 years of age when they start filling in at their chest and back ends so we are starting to see that now with a strong back end to match those talented long legs she has already shown us.  

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