UPDATE....Yellowstone has a great home in the Shawnee National Forest area!  They will truly enjoy him and already know that he loves peppermint candy treats.

The gelding you’ve been waiting for. Easy and beautiful to look at. Simply stunning and coming 5 yrs old. Loves attention and easy to groom or give a haircut or bathe. Nice head shake walk. Has a nice running walk. He isn’t a speed demon but sets up nice in the bridle and isn’t a slouch by any means and you’ll find out that walk is a ground-eating stride!! He has lots and lots of trail time on him and especially at Wranglers Campground in Western KY. He is not registered just simply an amazing horse who is fantastic for the intermediate +/- rider who wants to be comfortable and grow OR that rider who wants to ride all day with friends and push him when needed.   Leads or follows.   PRICE $5500

Does not need spurs as he responds to voice commands and rides in a Myler Level 2-3 Flat Shank High Ported Bit (visit our website with a loose curb chain. VIDEO: Quick video. We’ve had bad weather. Literally, this is my 3rd mile ridden in 2021.... yep that’s all. It was nasty out but this video shows a couple of things. (

(A). He’s been ridden 3 miles “maybe” Since last September!!  Original video in the paddock with the other horses are eating in the barn

(B) Not warmed up first!! ***we always want you to see the worst possible view. This is it. Not fighting to get back in the barn and really loose given the situation and being colds out of the barn with video taken just a few minutes after pulling him from the field.

(C) Video in the front yard. 3/17/2021 We had a "short" break in the weather, gave him a bath and rode in the front yard!   A little less mud and I wanted to give the perspective of no fences and away from the barn - couldn't give you the trails as the mud is still a factor. Same deal - Bathe, Saddled & Out the Gate No Warm-Up & Other horses eating their food. He literally left his bucket poor baby. I like you to see exactly what you will get when you repeat the same.  It's why we guarantee our horses. :)

Not registered.  New shoes 3/12/2021.  Shots & New Coggins pending (typically the first week of April is when my vet does his annual farm visit)


TRAIL RIDING FINALLY:  3/20-21 at Wranglers Campground. We were able to catch some sunshine and ride in the woods at Wranglers.  He tethers overnight and does well in the stall.  I prefer tethering as they are able to move around more after riding.  I know I was stiff after not riding for almost 5 months.

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