Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm, Slaughters KY:  5/26/2008 - TWHBEA registration number 20800947 by Jose' Jose' This 5 year old mare by Jose' Jose' is a perfect example of why I think his mares are amazing for any purpose imagined. We currently have three of his walking horse mares and all are talented and personable. I have found that they mature a bit late starting to fill out after their third birthday. This mare has absolutely no fear and enormous heart as I found out during our ride at Big Southfork October 2010 which was a challenge for any mare and the first time I took her riding. She rode across the wooden hanging bridge and was amazing.  Photo is of Bandy Creek in Big Southfork May 2013.   I also took her to Eastfork to ride in October 2012 and that was a challenge if you've ever been there on trial F....think hard about it before you decide to commit to that one as it is all big hills up and big hills down. Great scenery, but a hard ride for them pulling those hills. Tamale performs very well on trails all day through any environment from gentle trails to crossing a wooden bridge. This mare has heart and grit plus a pedigree and talent that will make her special for any use from showing to endurance riding or your breeding program.   PHOTO:  MAY 2013 at Big Southfork.  - See more at:

SOLD & Will be having babies for Megan Pettit!  Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm, Slaughters KY:  4/23/2010 - TWHBEA registration number 21004542 by Jose' Jose' and dam by Jez's Ritzi Gal by Ritz.  This mare has the Jose Jose' personality and talent combined with the signature looks that a Ritz mare provides.  She is sharp and intelligent with a dark chestnut body and silver hair which is why we named her Silver Tequila.  This mare was put out in the field as a two-year-old and as are all Jose'Jose' mares "slow to mature in size".  She is coming  4 and has put on size and height but we will not see her true beauty until she hits 5 then it's it will be dramatic.  She is already a beauty and when she fills out with that deep chest and high neck combined with those long locks of silver hair she will be more than stunning.  I have not priced her as yet because if she turns out as well as I anticipate she will stay here at the farm.  I wanted two to keep for friends and family.  I will entertain offers.

Tequila has a sweet disposition, a keen head, small ears, a sculpted jaw, and beautiful silver hair.  Her gait is fantastic.


She had been bred to the top sires in the industry

2005...Stoned at the Ritz a Black Stud Colt by the Stonecutter

2008...Real Big Country a Sorrel Stud Colt by A Specialist

2009...Jose's Jezebel a Chestnut mare by Jose'Jose

2010...Silver Tequila a Chestnut mare by Jose' Jose' What are the best uses for this wonderful TWHBEA Jose'Jose' mare at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm? 

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