I can't say how much I love this system.  My horses no longer hate the wash bay and this gets ALL the dirt and grime from them plus I believe it keeps the bugs off them and their coat from getting hot spots.  The sheer simplicity of letting them enjoy the bathing process as well as keeping the owner happy and DRY is perfect.  Wash on - Rinse off.  Then some love and attention to the mane and tail for those special needs like our silver threads of hair IF we have any and DONE in record time with no harm to the horse or the environment.

GENIUS. If I had not seen it in person on a spotted horse that was covered in grime I probably would have been skeptical at first BUT I DID.  They used the pre-wash on the hard spots and it was a miracle I felt and in record time.  I had spotted horses at the time and knew how much time it took to gain the same results that it took MINUTES to get there with them.  

INNOVATION - CARE - LOVE for the animal were all put into this product I feel and it shows.  

FYI IT DOES NOT STING THEIR EYES....they still hate to get it in their ears.  Can't recommend it enough to friends and family. 

ANOTHER COOL PRODUCT I'VE ADDED:  EZ-WASH WAND....No relation but fantastic for rinsing off after a ride when you don't need to wash your horse completely and want to cool them down.  I can't find any fault with it at all and it ROCKS.  Stands up to my standards as it is all aluminum and has the convenient on-of and variable strength of water for those horses who HATE having their head wet so you can sneak up between those ears and quietly rinse their faces. $35 and worth every penny   BUY IT AT HERE

Product Information: Bathe your horse and pets naturally and quickly. You’ll see amazing results when you spray on our plant-based body wash. In minutes, dirt loosens and is ready to be rinsed away — without scrubbing! Your animal's skin will be clean, smooth and flake-free. Well-cleaned skin won’t attract mites or fungus. A little of this natural and safe cleaner goes a long way — each wash takes just a few ounces.

EZALL Website for Information Here

BUY IT HERE ($23.99 - $32.00 *depending on sale):  STATE LINE TACK

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