Photo at Pennyrile State Park Horse Camp, KY 
I've been asked why and how I safely picket my horses when camping.  I chose picketing several years ago for the best match for my needs because it allows my horse to move around fairly freely and after a 20 mile ride I fee they need to move around to not get stiff.  I also find that when I stall my horse the next day they are all fired up and ready to go which does not suit me at all.  Therefore, I picket.

I love being able to go outside the trailer and interact with my mares while camping and still be around friends camping and hate cleaning the stalls almost as much as brushing the crud on their coats the next day after they have tried to lay down in it.  You will find all stalls to be smaller than the ones you have at home, horses that have stayed in it before yours may have had a cold or "something else".  You will also find that any horse next to yours will possibly have some kind of illness and at the very least they will annoy your horse. 

To be sure our horses are safely tucked on the tether line, we use thr large ratchet straps and carry 4 sets with us just in case in a rubbermaid tool pouch that is easy to access.  We braid in the orange metal draw hooks a minimum of 3 ft apart for their hay bag so they don't get wrapped up in it and 4 ft apart from horse to horse minimum. 

Lead line:  We give them slack enough to lay down with their head held up so they don't roll which meas from the tether strap to the ground at just above middle of the knee is the length.

Water:  We walk them to our bucket of water individually so they don't knock it over and create a mud for themselves. 

Hay Bags:  We use the nylon heavy duty bags "not" the rope hay bags as we have had to cut too many other horses free of them when they put a foot in it. 

Feed bags:  We tried the trail feed bags and didn't like them so use bucket which we hang from straps on the tether line.

We also have fly masks for them and "keep the light on" so we can look out in the middle of the night and see how they are doing. 

Send me your ideas!  I have gone through so much tack and ideas through the years until I've hit on this but I'm always up for improving the deal for my girls.

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