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Fifteen plus years ago, I had a great riding buddy who gave me an actual list of what I needed in my trailer and truck to go camping for a week in Emminence Missouri and I've kept that list for many years as it has come in handy.  I've updated it some through the years and think it is fairly accurate for standard camping.  Of course, I've added many other non-essential accessories that I feel are mandatory as well for my personal comfort, but this list is fairly accurate for standard camping needs.

Trailer Equipment:  Broom, heater, radio-cd player, card table or small table, hose (2) with nozzle and splitter, wheel chocks, leveling blocks or wood, heavy duty extension cords 6'-12' minimum of 2 as well as a multi plug outlet source strip with surge protector, bungee cords, tools (hammer, screwdriver, pliers, heavy duty scissors), duct tape, leather strips & leather punch, candles & matches, LED flashlight (three:  truck, sleeping quarters, tack area), plastic garbage bags large, folding chairs, fans, cooler, rope-cord, shove, pitchfork, disposable cups-plates-silverwear, porto-toilet paper & chemicals, paper towels, aluminum foil, bug spray, sleeping equipment, awning lights-clips-hold straps, cooking geat, outdoor carpet.
Horse Equipment:  Complete tack for each horse (check twice as I've forgotten pieces before) and an extra girth-saddle pad, grooming kit, lead rope, buckets x2 for each horse (water-food), bucket straps, hay bag, saddle bags-horn bag, Cowboy Magic, Hoof Pick, Feed, Hay, fly spray, horse bathing supplies, emergency medical kit, **check your shoes, tether line & clips, EZ boot, leg wraps, glvoes, grain scoop
Personal Equipment:  First Aid, suntan lotion / aloe heal, rain slicker, rubber boots, ball cap, riding boots-comfortable walking shoes-shower shoes, clothes, light weight jacket, tweezers, medicine (plus tums-aspirin), toodbrush-toothpaste, bottled water, personal hygiene products, finger nail clippers, pocket knife, insect repellent, tap, thermos, batteries (all sizes), camera, beverage of choice.

Feeding, graining and watering: I bring as much hay as I think I will need to eat free choice plus. I also bring salt and loose minerals as well as equine gold probiotic powder.  I feed pelleted 12% from Jenkins Feed Service in Clarksville TN which is based on the Strategy formula basics so I don't have to worry about grain issues and can give them more food without issues.  Then I bring them horse treats.  DON'T use too many of them while riding as it will change your calm and placid mare into a competitive beast much like when you feed kids too much sugar and they are bouncing off the wall.  It starts out as fun and they love it, then you look up and they've had 12 that day and you can't figure out why they won't follow your commands per their usual behavior.  I find it is always the rider's fault when a horse does not act like it usually does.  We have always done something different and should have known better.

Caring for Your Horse: Make sure your horse is fit and in shape for the riding you plan to do. ie. good hoof trim, in condition and no other health issues. Make sure you have good tack that fits well and that you have used at home many times on long rides so you know he will be happy and comfortable. Also bring lots of fly spray and it was suggested strongly to always carry a waterproof horse blanket for your horse as well. In the early and late months of the season, nights can get cold and after a long day of riding your horse could become stressed if they have to deal with the elements in a confined area. Always put the welfare of your horse first.

Preparing your List: Create a list of supplies you will need. Also make sure you have emergency phone numbers on hand of friends in the area that you can call if need be. Bring a cell phone, but remember that you may not always get service in the remote areas. Make sure you have a First Aid kit for you and your horse. Also don't forget any paperwork that you may need, ie coggins-health certificate.

Stay weather informed: Be sure to stay on top of the weather beforehand and prepare to pack appropriate clothing. Rain Jackets, gloves and rubber boots are always a must! I am thinking of investing in an insulated pair of rubber boots.

People Food: I go both ways on this.  Some trips we eat out every time like when we go to Hayes Canyon in Illinois as they have a fantastic restaurant within 3 miles.  Other times, we cook now and have fun with it.  I buy the food and Mark cooks it or our group cooks together upon occasions.  He likes coffee so we always have fresh ground coffee and a percolator ready for him in the mornings and I use bottled water for it typically.  It is only fair as he gets up and feeds-waters while I get more shut eye.  I'm not much on mornings!  I carry snacks and beef sticks riding as I have diabetes and am always stocked with it.  Also I've discovered the Belvita Blueberry cookies are great for you and my horse loves them. 

Other essentials: I carry a water bottle, hoof pick, first aid items for me and for my horse including BUTE tablets in case they pull a tendon or we have any issues. You will note that most of the time my horse is all tacked up with cantle bag, Professional Choice neoprene saddle bags as well as horn bag & snack bag.  I carry enough for me and her and we stop all the time on trail rides for breaks we both can enjoy.

Human Accommodations: I suggest strongly a metal trailer of any kind so you are up off the cold wet ground.  I started with a metal gooseneck with a hole cut in the front for a window AC unit and mattress thrown in the gooseneck portion and was quite happy at the time.  Now I have graduated to the big and comfortable as of last year when I bought my 15' short wall HART which has a fireplace in it.  Over the top I know, but it was used and came with it.  Love, Love, Love my HART but also loved my 2000 Sooner which I had for 7 years with a 9' short wall.

The goal is to relax and have fun so think it through step by step and make a list every time you go camping of what you think you'd like to have next time on your Smart phone.  Over the years you will take things out and put different things in then go back to something that is tried and true for you but always consider the unique needs of you, your family, and your horses and enjoy those trails and events!   Happy trails.

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