Leap Up Gracefully? Certainly not an option for me but great practice for All American Son while standing tethered at Wranglers Campground in Kentucky on a HOT weekend in June.

Genesis TWH in Slaughters welcomes Riikka Kauppi from Finland for her first ride on a Tennessee Walking Horse. The day was hot at 101 degrees and even at 6pm there was no relief but this visitor made the day exceptionally pleasant and a joy with her obvious enthusiasm and pleasure in riding her first horse in 20 years. Rikki was visiting Kentucky in what is called a "couch surfing program".  She had a great time. I chose Margarita for her to ride and she absolutely loved it as you can tell by the videos taken. She quickly became comfortable in guiding the horse to her satisfaction and marvelled at the gait and the temperment of the Tennessee Walking Horse.

Accidents can happen at ANY time with ANY Horse. It is simple really when you consider the many times you have jumped when a wasp flew around your face, a fly bit you, a loud noise startled you. Horses are flight animals and even the best trained animal will startle upon ocassion. These are some of the simple safety rules that will help you keep both you and your horse partner safe while riding on trails or in the backyard. One minute you are sitting at a table taking a break with three great horses interested in your crackers. The next, someone can be coming around the corner at a dead run and shooting a gun THEN WHAT? How do you keep accidents to a minimum.

We love visitors to GenesisTWH Farm especially those who enjoy themselves to the degree Shelby and her little sister Riley did. This is the third visit by Jeannie Jones to the farm from yesterday in search of the perfect horse. It was a great day.

GenesisTWH: We love introducing young riders to the wonders of the Tennessee Walking Horse.

Ms. Tashanda just turned 9 years old and has never been around horses, so asked a friend to take her to see horses and she loved it. She did a great job an drode Margorita my 4 year old Tennessee Walking Horse mare around the small lot getting quite comfortable. GREAT JOB Tashanda!

Webster County, Kentucky: Spring 2011 we experienced torrential rains in Kentucky with flooding of areas that had never seen this much water however our citizens in Kentucky are industrious and determined to get the job done. Here in Webster County several cities were locked in without any roads open to travel. This was the solution for Joe Woolsey of Providence.  An all-terrain vehicle built to be multi purpose and energy efficient. He really went GREEN for SPRING. 

GenesisTWH Farm in Kentucky has many great stories, but this one I think is great and for the record I "have not" fallen off a horse in quite a lot of years! This great story was sent by a riding buddy of mine, Sandy Coyle from Tennessee who also rides a Tennessee Walking Horse mare. There is a technique to falling the "right way". Let's see if you know how.

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