HORSE BUYING TIPS.....Always ask for references, ask questions, ask for a guarantee, and be comfortable asking for any information including vet records and video of any aspect of the horse you are looking for. The primary goal is for you to find exactly what you are looking for and to be sure that if you make a trip to a farm that you will not be wasting your time or theirs.  Be prepared. 

1)  The first step is always to determine what you will use your new horse for and make a list of your "Must Haves" in buying your horse whether it be a Tennessee Walking Horse or a Quarter Horse. Will you be trail riding, showing, or breeding? Do you want great manners or are you looking for bloodlines, size, and color? Do you prefer a gelding, mare, or stud horse? 

2)  Decide on the speed and gait you feel are the most important for the type of riding you do then ask about those features specifically and if looking for a Tennessee Walking Horse ask if the horse is pacey or square in walking. Ask how the horse is shod currently and what the owner feels is the best fit for the individual horse in environment, type of riding, and level of care.

3)  Ask for vet records, a full history of the horse, and personality characteristics. As with any purhcase do your homework in checking temperament, gait, size, and expertise of the horse based on your needs. Check to see if the horse has expertise in more than one area such as pleasure riding, field trials, versatility events, ranch work, or in the show ring.

4)  Are you buying potential or proven ability? Many buyers who are looking for a potential show contender will purchase their TWH as a two year old. Tennessee Walking Horses often begin their show career at this young age and are started under saddle early to determine their potential. Top two year olds frequently demand top dollar even though they are unproven in the show arena.

5)  There are advantages to buying an aged horse. By five years, a horse will have reached maturity in terms of temperament, gait, and size. It may have proven its worth in one or more areas of expertise such as pleasure riding, field trials, versatility events, ranch work, or in the show arena.

6)  As with any purchase, if you are unfamiliar with the product, you should know the seller. And, if you don't know the breed or the seller, you would be wise to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable professional to help you evaluate the horse and its sale price as they relate to your intended usage.

7)  Many buyers consider a pre-purchase exam by an equine veterinarian to be well worth the cost. Overall soundness is important and, if you will be using your horse to produce foals, suitability for breeding should also be evaluated.

8)  Familiarize yourself with TWHBEA's rules and regulations. Make sure the last recorded owner on the horse's registration certificate matches the seller on the transfer form. Both the certificate and transfer form must be signed by the last recorded owner and both must be submitted to TWHBEA for proper recording of the transfer.

9) Be aware of the strict blood-typing requirements that are in effect. Be sure the animal you are considering purchasing has met all TWHBEA requirements with regard to blood-typing!

If you have any tips to add send them to me at and I'll get them added!  

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