DSCN1427.JPGBig South Fork TN Trail Ride 2010: Our big fall ride with friends is a week at Big South Fork where the trails are absolutely amazing and the company wonderful. This year was no exception with 19 attending the week ride, karaoke nightly by Mark Miller, and fantastic food by each cooking team. We have met so many wonderful friends through this group and the fellowship we share. Tennessee Walking Horses riding with AQHA horses riding up to 24 miles daily.  Who says quarter horses and walking horses can't ride together comfortably!

This is a phenomenal trip with great friends and absolutely stunning riding and if you get the chance, you really need to plan a trail riding trip. 

(photo Mark and I on Margo Rita and The Right Girl in Big South Fork National Park Day Three) I'm uphill so feeling taller than usual as my horse stands 14.3 and his is 16.3 hands. Amazing really when you think about it and the reason I don't ride her. 


Photo Right  That's a big horse sir, but I can get up there! Young Lady gets her first ride on a horse and is considering the mounting procedure for Lucy by Indigo Blue who is 16.3 hands tall everyday!


This trip each year is amazing and our horses show us just how much heart they have pulling the large hills with a 24 mile ride most days through water, rock, and canyons. Mark and I had an amazing time and took two days off in the middle of the week to take in some scenery and give the girls a break. We always bring 3 horses just in case we need to rotate one out and this trip proved to that extra horse is worth her weight in gold. We brought Margo Rita age 3 by Jose Jose; Jose's El Nina age 6 by Jose Jose and new to our farm this summer; also The Right Girl "Lucy" age 4 by Indigo Blue and bombproof as a little girl at the barm found out when she rode her first horse.  At 16.3 hands Lucy is tall but easy. We rode 90 miles that I kept track of and most of that up and down hills, safe hills but steep.  



Photo Left: Breakfast team with Ted Faulkner of Clarksville US ARMY working the grill home grown pepers and eggs lightly tossed.

Each day we rotated out cooking teams with our night Friday and Saturday morning which Mark made some wonderful new recipes for. If you have never had grilled fruit marinated in cinnamin and red


pepper sauce then you have missed a culinary delight. His tater tots with jalepenos and wrapped in bacon fried was another great snack that week, then there were the tenderloin skewers and other items. I am on dish patrol all week as my cooking has been deemed harmful, but Mark more than carries my load for me. 





Evenings after dinner saw us with a roaring fire which we lean on Paul's expertise to keep high and warm then it's Karaoke with Mark's system which promptly retires at quiet time 10pm. Everyone in the campground is always welcome at our fireside which is parked right in front of Debbie & Rogers Sundowner trialer along with everything that makes their site our home away from home complete with United States flag and candles. Roger & Debbie were unable to ride with us this time as he had recent surgery and they were sorely missed by everyone during the day rides but they made each day special with their genuine warmth for everyone who wanted to stop by.

P1120377.JPG This group as a whole is so open and welcoming that we feel as if they have been our friends for 20 years. It really was a blessing to find them at Wranglers Campground 2 years ago in Kentucky..   





Photo:  Day 2 Trail Riding at Big South Fork National Park. 








I was able to meet and talk to Ranger Curtis who was extremely well versed in law enforcement and a fair but firm Park Ranger for Big South Fork Bandy Creek Campground. In dong so found out they have the full authority of any other law official within the area of the park which I did not know. 

Our stable was adjacent to the park which was a big difference for us as we always tether our horses at the camp so that I can groom and work with them to my hearts  content. It did take some getting used to last year, but I enjoyed the freedom and comfort of Bandy Creek Stable keeping my ladies safe at night.  The other thing that is different is that this campground is not specifically a horse camp so you are camping with those with bikes, hikers, and families just enjoying the outdoors which is why our horses were stabled elsewhere but also is quite different as you can watch the kids take laps around the park on their bikes.  Also our ladies were well taken care of by the stable.  If you ever get the opportunity to go riding at Big South Fork in Tennessee choose Bandy Creek State Park and plan on staying a few extra days as you will absolutely love their trails and the service is fantastic from staff at the campground and at the stables.


Have you ever seen anything as wonderful as the color of the trees, beautiful water, and great horses!? We head there most every October and if you are in the area stop by for Karaoke and fellowship with Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm and our great group of friends. The fire will always be warm and the friendship even warmer.

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