I often wonder what is the safest way to move children from the Buddy Seat to the saddle safely as they are dependent on a harnessing system in that seat.  This was a unique concept that I discovered in Eastfork TN while riding that someone made.  Does it make sense to you?  I might adapt it with bullnose snaps instead of the buckles for easy release but can see where it would be a good training wheel option for the small rider who starts on his or her first regular ride. 

Lisa bought this beautiful Jose' Jose' mare from us early spring and has really enjoyed her.  They ride her in local shows and recently her daughter, Jacey,  has taken possession of her quite literally.  They look like a perfect pair in this photo showcasing her winning look (Coco the broom for Jacey's witch) Halloween Contest at Midwest Trail Ride & MTR Outpost.  As always she is the "perfect mount".  Send me your Genesis Walking Horse Photos!

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine had a horse come down sick quickly who died undiagnosed.  The worst possible situation you could imagine.  When a second horse became critically ill then a third one the thought was a contagious disease such as West Niles.  The real reason she discovered this week was Poison Hemlock.  The plant looks harmless enough and is just a weed in the pasture without the knowledge of how deadly it is.  I did my research then published this article to help others who may have the same symptoms. 

New Year's Day 2012: Weather 61, Wranglers Campground at LBL Kentucky, Beautiful skies, what is not to love about starting the year out like that. If you are like us, 2011 was a year we were happy to see in our rear view mirror and to celebrate the beginning of a new year doing what you love with those you love makes it spectacular. 

Then put into the equation riding my horse for the first time since summer after she had what was first diagnosed as a tumor withdrawn from her inside front leg when I wasn't sure she'd be alright is amazing.  

January is never dependable in Kentucky as it is when mother nature rarely gives you a gift of perfect 60 degree days, but I'll take it when they do come.  We headed to Wrangler for the long weekend and found we were among others who felt the same as it is the first time in almost 3 years that I have had the experience of seeing Wranglers Campground 95% full. Usually it isn't a problem to get a spot in any section you want any time, but the changes in leadership over the past 2 years have made an impact on those riders who want to enjoy themselves with respect from management and have a restrained good time within the boundaries of good neighbor behavior.

It is always great to hear about our mares after they leave the farm and to celebrate their new foal is absolutely wonderful. This is a stud colt by our Indigo Blue mare sold to Buffalo Valley Farm in Pennsylvania. Beautiful farm and I enjoyed talking with Greg about his desire for building a walking horse farm program featuring beautiful roan walking horses. He has a great facility and some beautiful foals.  


I discovered a large lump in my mare's front near chest one afternoon. No blood - No bleeding - No limping - Just a lump the size of a golf ball portruding and solid. Odd things do happen when you have a field full of mares and an injury or two is to be expected, however, when you can not see any reason for said injury it becomes a reason for concern. After much thought we decided to let it be for a week or so to see if it got smaller, had any swelling, or if there were any changes at all. There were none. It was the middle of our hot summer season so we didn't ride often and where it was located you wouldn't really have noticed it had my daughter not been in from college and wanted to ride for an hour or so. We saddled up and rode and the mares both did great but my mare seemed to be a hair off stride meaning she just didn't feel right. If you have a really good mare that you are close to, you will understand what I mean.

Wranglers LBL Ride at the Lake for a break with our walking horse maresGenesisTWH in Slaughters Kentucky: We had a big break in the weather with temperatures in the high 70's low 80's which we absolutely had to take advantage of so I checked online and found some reservations at Wranglers LBL and we loaded up. We had a great time and had the best time riding and visiting with friends especially as we have had sweltering temperatures in the low 100's so we couldn't ride.

Photo: Shanna Owen on her spotted walking horse, Loyd Owen on his walking horse, Mark on my other Jose' Jose mare (Jose' Hot Tamale) and my mare Margorita by Jose' Jose' who is finally in great riding shape. 

Some days are much better than others and it is rare to get a caption shot like this one, however, Lily loves to show her zest for life in general with a huge smile. This mare is exceptional and belongs to CarMil mares which is why she is smiling I am sure as her other owner is vacationing on the beach while this is being taken giving Lily time off.

Or do you think she is wondering why she was left behind? It could be her saying WHY ME? 


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