Wait for the sun to go down and relax in your favorite spot.  Photo by Tina Hoover

Now this is a pairing that really works as Hootie has so much personality of her own.  This little roan mare has been at the farm for years and needed a special owner to understand her.  Amazing on the trails for me and has the heart to go on and on and on. 

This is the life, riding at Wranglers.  Just one of the caption shots I got while camping.  This is just a young lady who wanted to "really relax".


I love our mares and the stories that owners of Genesis TWH mares share with me after they get them home.  It is amazing how easily a good horse will become part of the fabric of your life.  This is Masq's Graffiti a blue roan that we had at Genesis and belongs to Holly Thrasher of Irish Charm Farm who also owns Indigo Blue.  She sent me this video of Graffiti in a friend's backyard in town who wanted her to "stop by".  Graffiti was glad to do some lawn work while she was there.

Tina Hoover has motivated me to share the stories of our Genesis TWH Mares as each is unique.  This woman has enthusiastically embraced being a horse owner and shares her fun-loving spirit and passion with us all.  This is Miss Dangerous Lightning by WGC Armed & Dangerous who looks like she is enjoying the day with her owner.  This horse was supposed to be her husband's but you will note that these two have a bond that defies ownership.   Thank you Tina for sharing this!

Judith Blue was named after a great friend of mine who passed away before her time.  She was a real lady as well as one who was competitive and fun to ride or work with.  This little mare fought to get up and be counted when she was born and had an innate grace and beauty that I felt would do justice to the memory of a friend.  She was purchased at 8 months old by Christina who lives in Wisconsin and visited us here in Madisonville to be sure she had the right little filly and fell in love with her.  Judy-Blue as we called her went on to compete in the NWHA Nationals as a yearlings and is under saddle now.  She is beautiful and talented with that signature blue roan look she inherited from her sire:  Indigo Blue.  Send us your photos and videos of your Genesis walking horses to share with friends who love the breed.


I love large views where you can see for miles at the top of a mountain.  It makes an exceptional trail ride more memorable and no place has the views that East fork Stables has.  For years I avoided this location as all I had heard of was the "Ride the Edge" stories with deep drops and exciting trails which I believed was more than I could handle but I was wrong.  Our riding group convinced me to attend their October ride which had food that was truly amazing both in the dining hall and on the trail and the trails were much easier than I had anticipated.  There is a trail fit for any level rider and all of them have great views.  We would head out in the morning and meet the owners on the trail for lunch then head back for an easy 16-24 mile ride.    I give it 4 stars for food and trails, 4 stars for customer service and friendliness, but 2.5 stars on camping as the spots are really close and not conducive to big groups getting together. 

A relaxing day with plans to bring back that big trophy buck are hard to find time for when you have a team of walking horse mares trying to get your attention.  How do you concentrate?  How do you "not" reach out and make contact?  You have GOT TO SEE THIS VIDEO!

Our walking horse mares are amazing animals and I found it hard to not be proud when my son came back without a deer but "with" a great story and video to share with me.  It seems all 4 of our mares were very interested in his actions and wanted to discuss strategy with him at the back corner of our 89 acres!  Izzy thought he should keep a low profile, and Tamale wanted to be sure he knew she had his back, while Tequila was standing in ready support and Margorita stood as lookout for the team!.....

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