At Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm we specialize in mares and this is a perfect example of why. I have transcribed the high points from the narration of Dr. Bob Womack. Courtesy of this YouTube Video Link uploaded on Jan 15, 2012 (From the video "A Look into the Past" produced by Middle Tennessee State University).  Courtesy TWHBEA. I saw this video yesterday and had to share it with others who have a passion for the walking horses.


Merry Wilson, the greatest walking mare that ever lived and is the ONLY mare in the history of the breed to win the Mare Class World Championship 5 years!  No other mare has ever done that and from watching the footage of this exceptional mare ridden by Steve Hill is simply amazing. She is shod very naturally with no fancy bit or additional aids and you can easily see why she is one of a kind.  I have never in watching all the Celebrations live and on video seen a horse with more natural and precise action in ANY class at ANY time. 

The really interesting thing is that she was so exceptional but did not produce a great foal at any time and was actually quite difficult to work with when the mood struck her.  Merry Wilson is just about as perfect as any walking horse can be and the canter is really nice.  This mare was great and I am proud to have found the footage and be able to share it with others.

I found the original footage for the "A Look into the Past" narrated by Dr Bob Womack which is 30 minutes and shows much of the history of the Walking Horse breed.    YouTube LINK

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