Heads Up Riders.  Did you know that in any "wilderness area" they WILL NOT come in and get you in case of a serious accident, especially Shawnee Wilderness Area?  I did not and neither did any of the long term permanent campers at Little Lusk.   I'm not sure how you feel, but having been in this situation I truly believe in keeping the forest clean but in lives before birds & fauna.  If there is an accident requiring a life flight helicopter on site, then it requires them mobilizing and coming in.  At least with one person who has medical experience and supplies via dirt bike or horse back and two would be preferable in case you had to rig a sling to carry the out.   We had a real life emergency requiring Life Flight Saturday 5/24/2014......

Riding in Shawnee National Forrest from Little Lusk Lodge (which is beautiful) we headed out Saturday, 5/24/14 @ 2pm and were out about 4 hours headed back when one of our group of 4 was thrown, knocked unconscious with a large head wound in the creek bed while we were watering.  She had been stepped on, was out 15 minutes and didn't know what or where for an additional hour so we were in trouble.  We kept her quiet and in place lying in the creek bed on large rocks waiting for help.

We spoke to the US Coast Guard who man the emergency beacon signal and 911 multiple times who told us to hold steady help was coming.  My husband was able to catch up to a wonderful couple who went back to the lodge for help then returned.  We waited for 5 hours, the air flight helicopter was close by within minutes.  The couple told us they were not coming but 911 said they were.  When it was getting dark after 7pm we knew we had to put faith in what they said, none was coming.  We were now a team of 5 and 1 injured and the 3 men worked together to get her up and on a horse.  We secured her neck with horn bags and a lead line and walked her out.  

We got out of the woods around 8 and when we were in a clearing on the back of the property we waited there until we discovered we had to actually get her to the lodge itself.  We ponied the horses in leaving her and her husband there going for our trucks.  

Once we got to the lodge, everyone was so very helpful getting horses put away and the ambulance was sent with my husband in lead to get her out to the waiting air flight.

Now, consider if it had been one couple alone which often happens.  Consider that most of the time in Shawnee Natl Forrest you do not see anyone.  

We were lucky.  She had a concussion, large laceration to her forehead, bruising, and lots of soreness.  She will be off work for 2+ weeks.  

We had our emergency gear which worked great but have so many other items we need to carry going forward.  

What we had was:
- Wound Care:  I carry Kotez Maxi Pads for horse compresses as they are sanitary and will absorb major bleeding.  I also carry tampons for any deep wounds that need to be plugged with vet wrap.  Works great for humans and horses.
- Alcohol, bandaids, ammonia, smelling salts, butterfly dressings, antiseptics, the typical items you carry in the emergency medical kit. 
**NOTE, check your emergency kit, I did not realize mine had become damp in the dramatic seasonal changes as it had been so long since we used it.  Next one I am putting in a Ziplok bag.
- Medicines for humans and bute for horses
- Head light hat clip
- Emergency Beacon

What else do we need?  Based on our experience we are adding the following items and I'd love your input.
- Whistle so someone can hear you
- Small LED Strobe light in case it gets dark
- space blanket, it was hard to keep her warm lying in the water and on the rocks
- Disposable C-Collar for neck injures
- More Wound Care items per above, she had multiple injuries and we used what we had
- Spare batteries, you use them up fast in an emergency
- Spare phone on OFF so all phones don't go dead at the same time after such a long period of time in the woods
- LED flashlight.  x3  They are small now and easy to carry. With multiple people you may need spares and what if yours goes out?
- Lighter log small x2 in a ziplok bag
**I'd love your suggestions on what to add to this expanded listing.

I have contacted the lodge, Department of Agriculture, Forestry Service, and the area rescue time I found on line Tuesday with no response as of this time.  

I ask for your help in getting this changed for the safety of all who want to enjoy the wilderness area.    The couple you see in the photo below are our real life heroes who helped us by going back to the lodge and giving exact location instructions then returned back to assist us out eventhough their horses were exhausted.  Thank you and God Bless you for your help and kindness.

Marion M Miller 
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