This 4 year old mare by World Grand Champion Main Power and a Motown Magic mare is one of the most beautiful mares I've had the pleasure to own and train.  Mr Gene Burnett and his wife Neltine agreed and took her home to Lewisburg Kentucky to replace a mare that was near and dear to his heart that he had lost after many years.  His mare was exceptional in that he could not ride her for 10 years then step up into the saddle at Wranglers Campground and she would be rock solid.  I've always believed that ground manners and the relationship between the owner - rider and that horse make anything possible.  IF that mare is a walking horse with the temperament and breeding to be a partner.  This mare is a perfect example of that mindset. 

Mariah Carey is a 4 year old mare who had not been ridden since last 4th of July weekend as the weather and my time off had not meshed at all.  I was very hesitant to show her to a potential new owner for that reason and because I was toying with the idea of keeping her as one of our Genesis farm mares.  I was especially hesitant given Mr Burnett is in his 70's and had just installed a pacemaker, but knew I'd enjoy the visit and he wanted to make the trip.  How did it work out?  

Beautifully!  I had my trainer come over "just in case" to ride her the first time as I have 2 replacement knee caps that I'd like to keep in top working order and Mr. Burnett is in his 70''s. 

Meagan literally saddled Mariah Carey and rode her out of my barn where the other mares were eating with no issues.  She hesitated for a minute but never side stepped or got excited as if she had been doing exactly that daily for the past year.  I knew last year when I saw her face the deep pond water for the first time and handle it calmly yet carefully that she was special but that day I knew she was a real gift.  Mr Burnett came and got her 2 weeks later.  He would have come sooner but Mrs Neltine had fallen and cracked her hip. 

People ask me why we continue to have a farm specializing in walking horse mares when the economy is so bad and the market slow.  My answer?  When you see a horse and new owner with a connection like this and you are able to help a mare that is bred with such royal pedigree and heart to find a purpose outside the show ring it gives you a sense of well being knowing it was a job well done. 

I have a deep love and affection for my ladies as I call them.  Each is special and one that I would buy for myself and presents me with the opportunity to meet great people from across the United States and Europe. 

Thank you Mr Gene and Mrs Neltine Burnett for choosing Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Mares and reminding me why I love doing this. 

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