Heads Up Riders.  Did you know that in any "wilderness area" they WILL NOT come in and get you in case of a serious accident, especially Shawnee Wilderness Area?  I did not and neither did any of the long term permanent campers at Little Lusk.   I'm not sure how you feel, but having been in this situation I truly believe in keeping the forest clean but in lives before birds & fauna.  If there is an accident requiring a life flight helicopter on site, then it requires them mobilizing and coming in.  At least with one person who has medical experience and supplies via dirt bike or horse back and two would be preferable in case you had to rig a sling to carry the out.   We had a real life emergency requiring Life Flight Saturday 5/24/2014......

I know it sounds crazy and looks even crazier, but it's easy to pack in the trailer, keeps them warm, and keeps them clean.  I discovered Sleazy Barb's Horsewear about 5 years ago and the horses are okay with sliding it over their head which was hard to believe and it's the equivalent to the new Under Armour wear in keeping their temperature them warm.  Plus it fits in a ziploc gallon bag so "easy to pack".

Every time I get these out, I have to shake my head as they are so over the top, but they are fun and come in handy when you want to keep a horse clean or give them an extra bit of warmth.  The amazing thing is that they don't really mind it.   And for the men out there, they do come in solid colors "without" sparkles and bright patterns! 

At Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm we specialize in mares and this is a perfect example of why. I have transcribed the high points from the narration of Dr. Bob Womack. Courtesy of this YouTube Video Link uploaded on Jan 15, 2012 (From the video "A Look into the Past" produced by Middle Tennessee State University).  Courtesy TWHBEA. I saw this video yesterday and had to share it with others who have a passion for the walking horses.

Jose' A Hot Tamale has a new owner, Deborah LaVaute of New York.  With the addition of this state Genesis TWH has horses in 20 states plus one in the Netherlands and one in Israel.  We have grown as a small farm by having exceptional horses and providing great background information on our horses and this new client is a result of a Genesis referral by Holly Thrasher Schroeder who has two of our Genesis mares.  Holly is also the owner of Indigo Blue which is an outstanding blue roan stud that has fantastic foals and one of the studs we recommend for our program.  You will find he is a gentle giant with beautiful conformation and intelligence.  


It has been a cold and long winter but it's spring and time to rejoice riding with friends.

My 4 walking horse mares are envisioning spring while taking a siesta in the barn here at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm.  It is March 5th and we still have snow on the ground.  The thre on the right are by Jose' Jose' and the Mahogany Bay on the left is by Show Me Something.  I often tell people that horses are like large dogs and this photo reflects that beautifully.  I can't wait for spring.  

Horses are amazing creatures and adapt well to their environments.  Our mares prefer to stay out and stay fit during the winter months with the option of coming into the barn and many natural wind breaks on the farm for them as well.  I had a customer ask us about what to do during the exceptional cold snap and I had to go back to basics to be sure it was the right thing for them.  What I do isn't always right for your horses.  It depends on what your standards are at your barn. 

Below are the answers I did come up with.

When your horse has to have equine surgery and go into the hospital, what does that entail?  I had never given it much thought as most of our equine medical issues have been resolved at the barn and not a hospital.  I had found a tumor on my walking horse mare, Margorita by Jose' Jose', and Dr. Stone felt after examination that she needed surgery so we had our first experience a couple of years ago.   See our article "Your horse has a tumor".  It never dawned on me the lengths they had to take to do surgery on a horse and I was impressed by the care and consideration these photos gave me.  Look at the safety precautions and care with which they placed her.

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