English_Rider_at_Wranglers.jpgGenesis TWH Rides at Wranglers KY: 9/25/2010 Camping trip to Wranglers Campground at LBL in Kentucky we met Ann Savage who was visiting Wranglers in hopes of seeing some of our local horses as she raises and trains hunter jumpers in Oswestry England. Riding this 3 year old mare by Jose' Jose' was the best part of her visit. I was happy to dismount and give her the opportunity to discover the Tennessee Walking Horse and what I think of as Kentucky hospitality with a ride on Margo Rita. She enjoyed the experience of finding out with the Tennessee Walking Horse 4 beat walk was all about which is vastly different than that of her mounts.  Ann was kind enough to send us a message of thanks.

wranglers_457x250.JPGWhat do you have to eat say our Genesis TWH Mares? One of our favorite trail riding locations as it is so close to the house and has great trails. We rode two separate weekends for the 4th of July week. This photo is from the picnic table at the famous Blue Hole at LBL Wranglers Kentucky.

The 4th weekend we had Sarah from Clarksville come down for the day and ride Legacy who is by Black Diamond Ritz and has a new owner Mallory in Madisonville Kentucky. 

Pedigree, Pedigree, and Personality is why I chose this Jose Jose mare for my personal mount at Genesis TWH Farm: What is a great horse and why do we choose that special horse to ride?  Since 1994 I have always ridden horses that had good manners, were controllable, and beautiful to look at. It is what I have expected from my mares even if they haven't ridden in a couple of months. That dependable sense of either leading or following without issues, walking carefully through ditches, and travelling slowly downhill. Ocassionally you may want to have saddle bags on or slap at a fly without worrying about what your horse is going to do.  It is the criteria we have built our Tennessee Walking Horse Farm and pleasure horse business around.  Sensible yet beautiful mares with world champion or better pedigrees that you can depend on every time you saddle up.  

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