Horses are amazing creatures and adapt well to their environments.  Our mares prefer to stay out and stay fit during the winter months with the option of coming into the barn and many natural wind breaks on the farm for them as well.  I had a customer ask us about what to do during the exceptional cold snap and I had to go back to basics to be sure it was the right thing for them.  What I do isn't always right for your horses.  It depends on what your standards are at your barn. 

Below are the answers I did come up with.

When your horse has to have equine surgery and go into the hospital, what does that entail?  I had never given it much thought as most of our equine medical issues have been resolved at the barn and not a hospital.  I had found a tumor on my walking horse mare, Margorita by Jose' Jose', and Dr. Stone felt after examination that she needed surgery so we had our first experience a couple of years ago.   See our article "Your horse has a tumor".  It never dawned on me the lengths they had to take to do surgery on a horse and I was impressed by the care and consideration these photos gave me.  Look at the safety precautions and care with which they placed her.

I have a friend who is actively looking for a 3 horse slant aluminum trailer with a conversion package on it that they can pull with their 3/4 ton truck.  They do want a bed, ac, sink, fridge, and cabinets in the trailer and will consider an aluminum skin trailer on a steel frame.  Price range is $20-24,000.  Let me know if you have anything or know of anything.

Marion Miller.  270-339-4176  /

I am looking for a sweet natured large pony with excellent attitude that is GAITED for my grandson.  I know it is early, but I'd rather start looking now and find something exceptional than to have him ready with nothing for him to learn on. 

Why Gaited?  I get asked that question frequently but my reasoning, I assure you, is sound.  When I am walking my gaited Tennessee Walking Horse slowly, a small horse / pony will be in the typical trot speed which we know is the hold on tight and  bounce speed which does not engender a sense of fun and peace in the small rider who is just learning nor does it do anything for the parents who are looking on with complete fear in their eyes.  I want it to be as easy and fun for everyone as possible and if he wants to gallop his pony when he gets older and more confidence, I have no issues. 

Some friends have asked me if it matters what sex it is as they know I prefer mares but in this case the only thing I know must happen is that the horse be happy, healthy, sweet, and gaited.  We don't have to have papers.  But I do need your help in finding one.  If you hear of anyone or see a pony for sale anywhere, please reach out to me here at the farm.  My cell number is 270-339-4176 and email is 

Wait for the sun to go down and relax in your favorite spot.  Photo by Tina Hoover

Now this is a pairing that really works as Hootie has so much personality of her own.  This little roan mare has been at the farm for years and needed a special owner to understand her.  Amazing on the trails for me and has the heart to go on and on and on. 

This is the life, riding at Wranglers.  Just one of the caption shots I got while camping.  This is just a young lady who wanted to "really relax".


I love our mares and the stories that owners of Genesis TWH mares share with me after they get them home.  It is amazing how easily a good horse will become part of the fabric of your life.  This is Masq's Graffiti a blue roan that we had at Genesis and belongs to Holly Thrasher of Irish Charm Farm who also owns Indigo Blue.  She sent me this video of Graffiti in a friend's backyard in town who wanted her to "stop by".  Graffiti was glad to do some lawn work while she was there.

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