4 year old mare by Armed & Dangerous who is the stud we chose to breed our top mares to last year. This mare is a prime example of what we expect from the cross. She has sense and is easy to work with riding with a 4 beat flat walk that is easy to handle even as a 2 year old and not afraid of the dark, campfires, trees, dogs, traffic, or much of anything. She is easy to lead, load, saddle, and just a pleasure to ride and still growing.  If you are looking for a big square going mare that can be a pleasure mount with outstanding pedigree then this is your choice. 






 Riding is a pleasure always when the weather is good and there is great company then it goes to a realm of absolute perfection as it did when we went camping for the first time with this 2 year old mare by Gen's Armed & Dangers. We got there late and pulled the horses out to the tether line which is our preferred method of camping as I get to do so much more with them, they can move arond, and it helps with my quality time as you don't just ride then forget them. It is, however, easy to forget tht you have a new horse who is on her first trip camping when she just calmly accepts everything.  We had a large fire that was about 75 feet from her, talked, and had dinner with absolutely NO ISSUES. I belileve that says alot about her pesonality and way she handles.

Many horses would have had an issue with the fire, tethering, walking to the water in the dark with a new handler, standing with horses they did not know well on the tether line, riding in the woods which was a new environment with those same horses she doesn't know and a new rider. 

We crossed ditches, went to the lake edge for water, and had a fantastic time that day even switching horses for me to ride her as we were coming in so Mark could ride Hot Tamale. I rode her in his saddle which is too large for me and had no problems with her. She has that old school 4 beat gait that is easy to sit irregardless of the saddle. 

We got this mare from New Horizon Stables in Tennessee who stands Armed and Dangerous.

This mare is not fully grown as yet, and will be about 15.3 hands tall with big bones and intelligent eyes. If you want to come visit her, just give me a call for more information.

The videos are from her first Ride in late October at Wranglers Campground in Kentucky.



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Miss Dangerous Lightning Foaled 5/24/2009 and TWHBEA Registration is # 20903178 with all papers in order.

Gen's Armed & Dangerous
Sire World Grand Champion
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March 2012 Videos under saddle for Miss Dangerous Lightning TWHBEA coming 3 year old mare by Armed & Dangerous.

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