Specialist Candy Apple Chestnut and Flax Mare - SOLD. New owner Ted Faulkner is enjoying the "perfect" new year's day on this beautiful mare with 60 weather and skies that were perfect. Flax Mane and Tail Specialist Mare for sale at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm with a laid back personality and a 4 beat flat walk. This mare is beautiful with a glistening chestnut coat and flowing mane and tail in flax. She is not aggressive and can ride in the front, back, or middle of any size group. Her flaw is that she does not like a haircut, so working on that. She DOES enjoy attention and will stand for daily grooming long after you are finished in hopes of more. This mare is in the Kentucky Incentive program and would be a great 4H horse prospect for anyone or a great pleasure mount as she is calm and laid back under saddle. She is beautiful to look at with a thick mane and flowing ail set off by the perfect blaze. If you are interested in a great mare by A Specialist then take a look at Candy.


Who is this mare? Her pedigree is by World Champion A Specialist with a gold labeled lineup of World Grand Champions


      Ebony's Masterpiece
    Dr. Elmer    
      Sue Delight  
A Specialist        
      Jet Star Parader  
    Jet's Mona Lisa    
      Lisa Ruth  

        Prides Generator
    Gen's Armed & Dangerous    
        Melana Ebony
Lucy's Armed        
        Delight of Pride
    Jamaica Jane    
        Label's Love Note

Congratulations Ted Faulkner on getting the perfect horse for you. Ted & Donna had purchased Hootie but her size was too small for Ted to ride even though they enjoyed her stamina, gait, and color. When we got this Specialist Mare in, he fell in love with Candy's Size, Color, and Easy Attitude so they exchanged Hootie for her. 

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