SOLD. Christina M. Lewis drove down from Greenville Wisconsin this past weekend where it was -36 degrees to make sure this was the perfect blue roan filly for her and absolutely fell in love with Judith Blue putting her deposit on her with plans to bring her home in April when the weather "should be" much better than what it was. Luckily barns and riding arenas at home are heated she says so it makes it possible to work with your horses all year long. Here at CarMil Mares - Genesis TWH Charlene and I were glad to welcome Christina here to see our girls and show her some Kentucky hospitality along with the training our babies are used to. This filly already works in the round pen changing leads and listening her to handler with a spark of personality that is always welcome here. It will be particularly hard for us to part with this filly as she is named for a friend of ours who lost the battle with cancer, however, finding a home like this for her where she is so passionately cared for makes what we do perfect. I want to take the time to thank Ernest who has been working with Judy Blue as we call her and Christina who will be adding a new state to our list of clients. Congratulations on purchasing a beautiful classic blue roan filly that will be fantastic.  

SHE'S BLUE!!!   CLASSIC BLUE ROAN FILLY BORN 5/21  This filly is impressive at birth with beautiful long legs and conformation with one beautiful star. She is in the breeders program and would be a great weanline prospect. This filly came out working hard and showing tenacity with perfect blue roan markings and a winning personality. We had a full house in the barn that night with 4 young people and a friend in attendance when she made her appearance at 1:30am. Her name is JUDITH BLUE to commemorate a wonderful friend who passed away the day before she was born. Photo below:  Age 4 months. Video below is January 2012 "full winter coat" she looks black until you move her coat the opposite direction to see her steel grey underside. This filly has personality and will go 110% for the handler she trusts. She is smart and interesting as Christina found out this past weekend when se came to visit her and fell in love. 

It is always so interesting to see the different personalities of our foals and realize that just like people they each have their own special talents and ways of approaching life. This filly takes it all headlong with sass and interest. She is exceptionally intelligent which some days I wonder if it is a flaw or a talent. She is independent and has a great stride with no mean in her but will state her mind already. She is a filly with grit and determination that would make a great companion for trail riding or endurance riding. I believe she will be competitive and loyal. She will be a classic blue roan with black points and only the one star perfectly positioned on her forehead. She has a short back, nice long back legs, and beautiful hooked ears.

Beautiful Blue Roan TWH Filly 4 Weeks Old Walking & Playing on Left and July 27th on Right Turning BLUE.

Blue Roan Filly by Indigo Blue at

UPDATE: Judith Blue was born at 1:30am in the morning of May 26th and we were in attendance for this great event along with friends and visitors. 

FOALWATCH HAS STARTED FOR THIS BABY May 10th @ CarMil Mares in Kentucky: Fashioned by Design safe in foal to Indigo Blue and due within 30 days for her 2011 foal. This mare has excellent conformation and is extremely intelligent with proven babies on the ground. A wonderful example is her 2010 bay Pusher All Color filly "A Designers Delight". She is intelligent, small, and walks with that 4 beat amazing walk even heavy in foal. This mare is the perfect addition to your farm program and is for sale with a stud fee to Indigo Blue or Pusher All Color. At this time the Indigo Blue foal she is due to drop is not included without additional consideration.CarMil Mares is also offering for sale the dam of this beautiful filly, Fashion by Design who is by Prime Design. She has amazing foals and is open at this time ONLY because we are breeding two mares this year which are the SkyWatch Girl and Jose's La Nina. This mare has been shown padded by the Benedicts and we will be putting her back under saddle as a trail pleasure mare.  She is in the Kentucky Breeders Incentive Program and is easy to work with. I will be glad to discuss her with you in full. Find out more about our mare and the foals she has had below.

The mare began foaling "imminent birth" with the typical waxing evident the morning before foaling giving birth within 18 hours of the first sign. She was 4 days earlier than her due date and began walking and sweating at 4pm the same day. Waxing became more evident as well early afternoon and in spite of having 4 young people in attendance less than 11 years of age watching and drawing photos she continued in having her contractions and getting ready. The mare was wonderful in dealing with those watching and letting them all look and feel the different levels of birthing without becoming annoyed.

First foaling is a major event for these young visitors!






SIRE INDIGO BLUE Registration #19907990 standing at Spencer Benedict Stables in Kentucky. The stud fee for this sire is $500 and he is one of a handful of Blue Roan Tennessee Walking Horse studs with this pedigree, conformation, and aptitude in the show ring. Indigo Blue has only been standing at stud for a couple of years with just 50 babies registered at this time. His foals are intelligent with size and personality. 

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JUDITH BLUE.....Registration # and information Pending! Foaled 5/21/2011.  She will be in the KWHBIF Program.

Indigo Blue
Generator's Genuine Jazz

Pushover's Fashion Lady

Prides generator

Rangers Lady Peacock

The Pushover

Eb's Carbon Lady

Fashion by Desigh
Prime Design

Fashions Dream Girl
Magics Fashion KWS

Prides Ink Spot

Magics Fashion

Senators Dream JH


PHOTO LEFT.....dam and 2010 filly sibling. I will be glad to show you her sibling a yearling foal. The mare is by Prime Design with the Magic Fashion KW

bloodline as well. We do have full background information on this mare and she has doesn't have any problems at all foaling. This mare is easy to work with in the barn, under halter, and is a true black in color. Fashion by Design is a small mare standing 14.1 hands tall with a great back end and old fashion 4 beat walk even while heavy in foal. Her temperment is great including bathing and trimming her ears. Simply stands there quietly while you work on her. She is easy with the other mares and foals yet doesn't let her foals amble off without her watching closely. She isn't hard to wean and took easily when we bred her to Indigo Blue for this 2011 baby which we are looking for a small true blue roan baby from this cross. Genesis / CarMil Mares TWH has a Pusher All Color bay filly from Fashion By Design 2010 and the filly walks just like her with a 4 beat walking gait. This Tennessee Walking Horse mare is in the Kentucky Walking Horse Breeders and Incentive Program as are her foals bred and born in Kentucky. 

Mare is also for sale OPEN with a stud fee to Indigo Blue as we have chosen to only breed 2 mares this year which are our Skywatch Mare and the Jose' Jose' mare. I will be glad to answer any and all questions you might have about our farm, breeding program, or pleasure horses for sale by World Champion sires. 

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