Congratulations Lisa Cohen on a beautiful new mare! Lisa and Benny came to the farm from Indianapolis and found the horse they were looking for in our Jose' Jose' mare Nina. They have been on several trips up to 7 hours away to find a horse that suited all their needs and fell in love with this mare who was just weaned from her May stud colt out of Armed & Dangerous. I hated to see Nina leave the farm, but the smile on Lisa's face makes it worthwhile. 



Genesis TWH Farm, Slaughters KY: Nina delivered a beautiful healthy stud colt on 5/6/2012 solid black with excellent conformation and will be offered for sale through the fall Open. This black Jose' Jose'  mare is amazing with wonderful conformation and a great walk with a dam direct by the Pusher so the perfect cross to breed or show. The sharp intelligence and beautiful body is what I have come to expect from these great Jose' Jose'  mares. This mare is for the intermediate PLUS rider and will listen to you in the saddle.  She has the heart to ride all day long every where you send her and just is fantastic. 

This Tennessee Walking Horse mare is 8 years old and by Jose' Jose' and solid black with one star. I have decided that if you want a walking horse mare this is the sire you want them by as they are intelligent and careful with a solid 4 beat gait that is undoubtedly the smoothest I have sat in the saddle for. The pedigree for this mare is amazing should you want to use her as a pleasure mount, competitive trail riding, field trial, or breeding. She works well with verbal commands from her rider and can move right on down the road as you will see from the video. We have trail ridden her at Big South Fork, Wranglers, and anywhere else that came to mind.

Below is a Photo of Nina by at Big Southfork Fall 2010 Riding. The feature photo is one of Nina last Summer Yr. 2010. This mare is by Jose' Jose' and has a wonderful riding gait and presence with a strong chest and keen head. She is a pleasure to ride and has heart plus talent. Her foal should be amazing given the sire and dam combination in this breeding. All fees are paid in full and she was vet checked in foal. Nina has had all her shots, a current coggins, and current health certificate and has delivered her first foal with no problems at all, a stud colt by Armed and Dangerous. 

Jose's La Nina Bred to Gen's Armed & Dangerous May 5, 2012 Stud Colt, CLICK PHOTO TO SEE


The two videos shown above of her riding were taken June 28th at the farm. Nina has just returned from being bred and vet checked safe in foal June 6th to Generators Armed and Dangerous WGC Walking Horse. She is by Jose Jose with her dam by The Pusher CG and this will be her first foal. She was ridden last in April and we have not had her reshod as yet so her front feet are long and she is missing the back left shoe entirely. You can see her size and natural stride in this clip with my son riding. She listens well but has a motor and the heart to go all day. This mare is a perfect blend in pedigree and size and we anticipate a wonderful baby next year by Armed & Dangerous.

Born 4/17/2003 with Sire Jose' Jose and Dam is Pushing Annie by The Pusher C.G. who has had the following foals by fantastic World Grand Champion Tennessee Walking Horse Sires like The Pushover, The Touch, Motown Magic, JFK, Poison, A Jazz Man, JFK, Jose' Jose', Generator's Silver Dollar, Gen's Black Gin as you will see in her foal information below. 

Registration Foal Name  Color   Foal Date
934386 ABERCROMBIE, Stud BL 8/05/1993   THE PUSHOVER
950643 TOUCH THIS, Stud BL 5/29/1995   THE TOUCH
962182 MOTOWN'S DARLIN, Mare BL 5/29/1996   MOTOWN MAGIC
971353 UNA BONITA, Mare BR 6/10/1997   JFK
982652 HOT JAZZ, Gelding BR 5/23/1998   JFK
19908963 HEZ TUFF, Stud BL 7/26/1999   POISON
20003069 PUSHER'S SWEET JASMINE, Mare   6/18/2000   A JAZZ MAN
20213946 CLEVER CONNECTION, Gelding BL 5/02/2002   JFK
20314495 JOSE'S LA NINA, Mare BL 4/17/2003   JOSE' JOSE'
20606918 SWEET GIN, Mare BL 5/08/2006   GEN'S BLACK GIN

What are the best uses for this wonderful TWHBEA Jose' Jose' mare at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm?

  • Trail Horse
  • Show
  • Halter
  • 4H Horse
  • Field Trial
  • Country English Pleasure
  • Competitive Trail
  • Breeding

TWHBEA Pedigree for Jose's la Nina by Jose' Jose' Walking Horse Mare at Genesis TWH with foaling date:  4/17/2003 - TWHBEA registration number is 20314495.

jose jose
gen's major general

stormy's ruby
prides generator

delights lucky charm

prides stormy night


pushing annie
the pusher c.g.

ebony's ann r
the drug dealer

go boys blue gal

ebony's masterpiece
sun's delightful ann

Trail Riding with Jose' La Nina and Mae Capone
  Riding TWH Nina in KY

I have always believed firmly a horse is there to partner with their owner and you should expect exceptional ground manners and their willingness to follow your instructions. You should enjoy your horses and sitting in the saddle on a beautiful day with the sun shining on their coats and the leaves from the trees providing welcome shade will you soak up the peace and tranquility that is true pleasure riding. It is why we work so hard at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm to deliver horses that our owners can be proud of with world champion direct sires combined with talent and intelligence.

I will be glad to answer any questions you might have and visitors are always welcome here at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm in Slaughters Kentucky simply give me a call (270-339-4176). Jose' A Hot Tamale is a perfect example of the fact that the perfect Tennessee Walking Horse is out there for you and at Genesis TWH in Kentucky. 

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