This gelding was exactly what Donna was looking for in age, temperment, and looks. I am pleased she was able to find a horse that she enjoys even if it isn't one of ours. It is important for us to help where possible and putting Megan with Donna so that they could discuss her gelding  was just as satisfying. Perhaps next time she is looking for a horse, she will buy one of our GenesisTWH riding horses or a CarMil breeding mare / foal. Thank you Donna for the visit. This is a success story about the versatility of the walking horse. This gelding was a padded show horse early on and a stud horse with babies on the ground that are amazing. His owners chose to geld him and he came off pads about 3 years ago and has since been a family pleasure horse riding on trails and with intermediate riders on board enjoying that. Versatility and Intelligence.

Genesis TWH Farm, Slaughters, KY: This Tennessee Walking Horse gelding does not belong to our farm. He belongs to my trainer's mother however I have had the opportunity to ride him 3 different times and discovered Sweeps is an amazing gelding who is flashy yet a true gentleman at all times with an amazing gait as you will see in the videos I have taken. It takes a lot for me to veer from mares and this horse shows me why several of my trail riding friends enjoy geldings. My experience was very pleasant with him exhibiting a great flashy gait even with one shoe missing and two of the three experiences there was no prep work as I simply showed up at the farm to see one of my mares Megan was training and we decided to ride out and see how the mare was doing in the trails and I chose Cash to ride. I was simply impressed when he didn't have any issues with ditches, pavement, a 4 wheeler riding alongside to take videos, dogs barking, and was so easy to work with. I do know that he has been in the local area for the past several years and was stood at stud by the Woodburn barn with no issues there. I have also seen and worked with a couple of his foals which had his effortless personality. 

This horse does not belong to the farm and has never been stabled on our farm, but I will be glad to answer any questions that you feel I can answer. You will have to discuss details, pricing, and anything other than basics with Megan Pettit who's family owns him. She can be reached at 270.625.9350

Cash Sweepstakes TWHBEA Gelding, Age 10 For Sale, $3,500.
$3,500 Reg. No. 20112438 05/15/2001
  • This horse stood as a stud for 2 years with 8 foals registered by the TWHBEA.
  • Genesis TWH has had one of his fillies which we sold in 2010 and who had a fantastic personality, conformation, and calm attitude.
  • Amazing Front and Back End, Listens Well, Stands Quietly, and Dependable for all Riders
  • He walks, walks, walks, and rides trails like he loves them taking care of his rider.
Genesis TWH Farm, Slaughters, KY: This gelding does not belong to our farm. He belongs to my trainer's mother and I will be glad to talk about him in details where possible based on my knowledge base and general pieces. You will have to discuss anytihng else with Megan Pettit 270.625.9350. Sweeps is an amazing gelding who is flashy yet a true gentleman at all times with an amazing gait as you will see in the videos I have taken. It takes a lot for me to veer from mares and this horse has that package. I have ridden him with 3 shoes on and he's stlll comfortable in his gait. This horse stands up in the bridle when you smooch to him and welcomes his rider with intelligence and willingness to go forward quietly. This TWHBEA gelding is age 10 and ready for the intermediate rider or a youth rider to trail ride, show in the local arena, or just enjoy his pleasant personality. 

Cash's Sweepstakes stands still and listens even when the rider wants to be completely odd standing in the saddle and asking him to walk. You will then see the rider get off and on then stand underneath his feet which I do not recommend you do at home. Even with a wonderful pleasure horse like this one there still can be something that causes them to move ever so slightly and with you underneath of them it puts you at risk. This gentleman will bathe and trim without any issues at all and frankly I simply couldn't find anything wrong with him other than he is a gelding. I also need to note in the videos that he has only 3 shoes on, has been kept up in the stall for the past 3 weeks and had not been worked for the 2 days prior to this video. He came out of the stall easy and ready to listen then proceeded to amaze me with the pure power and effortless ease that he does everything. Out this caliber horse you would expect the power just not the fact that most any level of rider can work with him. He is not going to run away with the rider or shy at new things. He has a great gait and a fantastic pedigree. This horse was a show horse early on and then stood at stud for several years before being gelded recently. He has some great babies on the ground with the intelligence he shows. Take a look and see for yourself then you can give me a call or call and I can answer your questions with confidence having ridden him on the trail, across farmland, over trees, and across ditches or water with no issues.  He never gave me a moments worry or concern when the 4 wheeler came along to video or the dogs next door started barking fiercely. Startled me but not this gentleman. If you are looking for a quiet and dependable gelding this one will definately fit the bill nicely and within budget. 


Photos for Cash Sweepstakes TWHBEA Gelding.

Cash Sweepstakes Gelding at GenesisTWH in KY. Riding Together with All American Son in Kentucky April 2011.   Keen Eyes and Head on this Gelding.


  4Wheeler Beside Me, Dog Ahead, Other Horse Ahead..No Problem.

Cash Sweepstakes TWHBEA Cash's Sweepstakes Gelding Videos  of him riding trails, in his gait, and rider standing on top of him.  No worries doing the absurd on this wonderful Walking Horse Gelding.



TWHBEA PEDIGREE for Cash Sweepstakes Gelding for Sale at GenesisTWH Farm in Kentucky.


Your horse should be well mannered, should be easy to work with, should be intelligent, should be beautiful, and you should absolutely be able to depend on your horse in most any situation that does not include the absurd. The key to pleasure horses is just that....they are a pleasure to ride, work with, and interact with every day whether you ride them daily, weekly, or monthly. Look for intelligence in their eyes and how they handle themselves.  Each one is different and has special qualities. I hope you find your next pleasure horse here at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm in Western Kentucky and if I can be of any help to you in looking for that special trail riding or pleasure use walking horse give me a call. It is always wonderful talking about horses to others, horses are my passion. This horse does not belong to our farm and you will need to talk to the owner about any details and history. 

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