This mare is tall and long legged yet not overtly aggressive with a sweet temperament. Her color as you see in the other photo is a deep bay color and she is just molting off where you can see her beautiful bay color. This mare has such a refined head and short sculpted ears that she very much resembles her sire. 

The photos you see of her to the left show her intelligence and refined features.  

Price:  $2900  |  TWHBEA No. 20802278   |   Foaled:  04/19/2008

Beautiful Bay Mare by Tennessee Walking Horse World Grand Champion Ted Williams. Stunning Conformation and Presence with a sweet temperament. Exceptional Ground Manners and Ability to Walk  

This mare is exciting to have as part of CarMil Mares and Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm. She looks just like her sire without the star.  

Our Walking Horse Farm does specialize in world champion quality pleasure horses for the intermediate plus riders to enjoy in all areas of ownership from breeding to riding trails and showing. 

SIRE INFORMATION FOR TWHBEA FLAWLESS FINISH BAY WALKING HORSE MARE FOR SALE AT GENESIS TENNESSEE WALKING HORSE FARM IN KENTUCKY: Ted Williams Stud Fee is $2,000 with live foal guarantee and his show record is very exciting. His foals are all beautifully built with his refined features. 

Who is Ted Williams TWHBEA Sire?

2004 World Champion Four-Year-Old Stallion Winner at the Celebration is Ted Williams.

2003 World Champion Three-Year-Old Stallion Winner  | 2003 Reserve Horse of the Year per the Walking Horse Report

2002 World Grand Champion Two-Year-Old Winner | 2002 World Champion Two-Year-Old Stallion Walking Horse Winner

Ted Williams, the baseball player, was considered to be one of the greatest players to ever grace the field. Likewise, his equine namesake is considered to be one of the greatest to ever grace the show ring.  Now the excitement generated by Ted Williams in the show ring is carrying over into the breeding arena. His offspring are generating buzz throughout the industry for their talent and beauty as well commanding substantial prices.

Home Run Ted, a coming two-year-old stallion, was the highest selling entry at Sand Creek Sales Flawless Fashion

DAM INFORMATION FOR TWHBEA FLAWLESS FINISH BAY WALKING HORSE MARE:  Copy's Queen Bee has had 3 foals including Flawless Finish.

2006 Bay stud colt The Finale by Electrifying which with a show record as a 4 Year Old Open Riders Cup, Celebration Owner Amateur 3 Year Old Class, and still showing strongly in competition.

2007 bay stud colt Acabar by Jose Jose who has a show record as a 2 year old stallion.

Your horse should be well mannered, should be easy to work with, should be intelligent, should be beautiful, and you should absolutely be able to depend on your horse in most any situation that does not include the absurd. The key to pleasure horses is just that....they are a pleasure to ride, work with, and interact with every day whether you ride them daily, weekly, or monthly. Look for intelligence in their eyes and how they handle themselves. Each one is different and has special qualities. I hope you find your next pleasure horse here at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm in Western Kentucky and if I can be of any help to you in looking for that special trail riding or pleasure use walking horse give me a call. It is always wonderful talking about horses to others, horses are my passion. 

Farm visitors are always welcome and our purchase policy is simple. You can place a deposit on a horse for 20% and hold that horse for up to 21 days while you arrange a visit to the farm or receive all the requested video and information you need. Deposits are completely refundable upon visit to the farm and we guarantee our horses to be as shown, papers in order, shots up to date, with health certificates and coggins. Our farm goal is to have Genesis Tennessee Walking Horses in all 50 states within 5 years! 

Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm in Slaughters Kentucky specializes in mares by world champion sires with common sense, wonderful temperaments, and athletic ability who are a true pleasure to work with. We have horses in 26 states now and 2 overseas with a reputation for excellence. We guarantee our horses to be sound and as described. I'd love the opportunity to talk to you about our ladies. - Marion Miller (270) 339-4176 | | Contact Us

We do not trade horses as our mares nor do we accept more than the asking price for the horse and pay the buyers costs for transportation costs for them. We run a fair and reputable business and I invite you to look at our Sold Horses - Testimonials.

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