P1100507.JPGSlaughters Kentucky: CARMIL Tennessee Walking Horse Mares in Kentucky presents Pushy Reba a sweet natured 12 year old mare with beautiful face and intelligence you can see at first glance. This mare is a deep and vibrant bay color by 3x world champion Pusher All Color and dam by Pride's Ultra Threat. Reba has been used as a brood mare and we have just weaned her Indigo Blue filly.    

sold sign.gifReba registered TWHBEA mare is going to the J. Herald farm to enjoy new opportunitites as a brood mare. 

Reba is laid back and easy to work with from bathes and haircuts to fly spray and leading. She has no issues with having you around her baby but is careful in watching over her foal. We have a limited of spaces available for brood mares and have replaced her with a Jose mare so offer her for sale. She does have a nice gait, but would need an advanced level rider should you plan on using her for other than a brood mare.

Our policy with Genesis / CarMil is to give you as much information on our horses as possible so that you can make a realistic decision as to what  we can do to help you find the horse you are searching for. We did purchase her sight unseen with her newborn filly by herside for CarMil Mares as the bloodline she has is amazing and we wanted babies by Indigo Blue which we are breeding for to show clients. We weaned her August 23rd at 5 months and Reba needs a few pounds put on still but is in good physical condition. She does wonderful for bathing and haircuts even when she's newly weaned a filly and really would prefer to be left alone as her milk is "needing" to be released. It's in these trying times that you can really see what her personality is like. Reba is not our alpha mare by any means and is really quiet in most situations. We have not ridden her and her pricing reflects that.  Should we still have her at the end of October, it is in my schedule to get that done.

Reba enjolys attention and is one of the first to come to you in the field. You can catch her anywhere and she stanP1100498.JPGds very quietly when tied. I would love to answer any questions you might have on this mare simply call or email me. Visitors are always welcome at Genesis / CarMil Mares in Slaughters Kentucky.

The filly in this photo is by Indigo Blue at 4 months of age. The filly looks to be roaning with white hairs sprinkled throughout her coat. She will be a large mare at full growth measuring out to be 15.2 hands plus in size. 

It is important that you purchase the horse you are looking for and we will do everything possible to ensure you have that horse and hopefully it will be from Genesis Tennessee Walking Horses in Slaughters KY. 

I will be glad to answer any questions about our Tennessee Walking Horse farm in Western Kentucky.  Marion M Miller 270-339-4176

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