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I don't think she will last long.......This mare is just perfect for anyone who is ready to ride and just wants to enjoy the day. She is calm, laid back, easy to work with and more importantly IF you want speed, you have to ask for it. There is no tugging and holding her back. NO moments of feeling the danger of a horse ready to bolt under you. Build up your confidence and do it on a horse that looks great and rides smooth.  She has a just a little speed when asked and has no issues riding alone.  I typically (well never) have a horse here at the farm without a blue blooded pedigree but couldn't resist this mare. She has the kindest eyes and just a soft approach. Boogie or BB as I call since I am a BB King fan is simply easy to spend the day on. She requires little to no work and you can put just about anyone up there without an issue thus far.

That means if you want to run - go fast - be competitive - zip up and down those hills.....this is NOT the horse for you.

IF instead, you want to ride safely by yourself, or are an intermediate or beginner rider who wants to enjoy the surroundings and learn how to do it right turning left when you want or right when you feel like it. Go SLOW through that ditch and SLOW down that hill "just in case" then this is the perfect mare for you.

Having had both knees partially replaced I can tell you that a horse like this is priceless. Just being able to get on a horse without them moving and stepping lightly - softly - quietly through a ditch was a miracle for me at that time. I am thrilled to have a horse like that here at Genesis for someone else to enjoy.

The real test was riding her with 1 front shoe missing and the other loose and she was still really smooth. Like I said there wasn't a lot of speed and I had to smooch alot to in the video but we got lots of video that day and you can see for yourself.

This mare is a DARK Buckskin which means she is more of a hershey's chocolate brown color now that it is getting colder but you can see in the photos that she has that burnished brown-gold color hints in her coat that show the lighter color she'll be this spring which will be gorgeous and as there are not many of the dark buckskins around, you will have a beautiful - safe - beauty!

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The ones with us ladies riding she has 3 shoes on and we just pulled her up out of the field.  The ones with the gentleman on them are from the guy I purchased her from.  The last one in Spring 2015 where he had not ridden her in months and I wanted a video.  The other from her as a 3 year old. 

You just have to look into this mare's eyes to see how sweet she is. 

TWHBEA - Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' and Exhibitors' Association (21100555) |  Born April 2011

Sire: Creme Motion Potion  |  Dam: C Montana Boogie

Suitable for:  Pretty Much Anything or Any Level Rider.  She's just a great all around mare and easy on the ground.  When her sunburnt hair changes back, she will be absolutely amazing!

Youth/4-H Horse (Prospect)
Gaited (Rank Not Applicable)
All Around (Trained)
Trail Horse (Trained)
Beginner/Family (Trained)

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