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CONGRATULATIONS MR GENE & MRS NELTINE BURNETT OF LEWISBURG KENTUCKY.  It has been a long and cold winter followed by a lot of rain in the area so riding time has been limited to almost nothing since November.  This walking horse mare is 4 years old and had not been ridden on a trail since late summer so when we got her out last week to see how she would do, we were simply amazed.  She saddled easily and walked right out of the barn with minimal fuss like she had been ridden all spring. 

THAT shows intelligence and personality coupled with talent as she had not been warmed up before heading out.  It is our policy that we don't ride a horse before a client visits them so that they can see them in their "worst case" scenario at the farm and get a real feel for the horse.  It was an easy sell when they watched the process with me.  She will have a great home with Mr. & Mrs. Gene Burnett.

This mare has heart, intelligence, and a nice stride.  Standing almost 15 hands tall and by the 2005 World Grand Champion Main Power and her dam direct by Motown Magic, she has a pedigree that is exceptional.  She learns fast and doesn't get upset when she experiences new things.   SOLD

lead2This mare has an amazing walk, and beautiful with a smart mind which keeps you safe while in the saddle. She is the old school walking - 4 beat mare that you have always wanted with exceptional conformation and a flowing mane.

We have put her in the woods and taken her into water that typically isn't as deep as what you will see in the photos and video but we've had quite a bit of rain here and the small training lot pond we use first was an eye opener. Most do not like to go into anything they can't see the bottom of and this mare was no exception except she did not get scared and upset even when pushed by the rider. She side-stepped around it then put a foot in and another until we found the bottom which was belly high. She trusts her rider easily and found that she could really enjoy the end result. I am fortunate to have a trainer that works so well within my bounderies as my horses all MUST stand still, take a bath easily, stand for a haircut quietly, lead like a lady, and listen to her rider. On trails we need to go slow downhill and through ditches, we need to ride in front - the middle - the back based on my needs at the time, and call for the gait with both verbal and physical queus as my knees are not dependable. This mare will be an amazing trail or local show mare on a lite shod or trail-pleasure if you want to clean up and go to the show on Friday or Saturday.

We train our horses to go slow downhill, carefully across ditches, to ride with dogs, and to be okay with the unexpected from having to step up into the saddle to gather the show cow and lead him back to picking up barrels and putting them in water that we didn't know was quite that deep at the time.

have several people asking us for field trial mounts and we will be adding some other things to the mix like introducing them to firearms and ground tying so that we can determine their ability in that field. From what I hear everything else we already do with our horses here at Genesis.

The video you see here is me riding her for the first time after getting her from our fantastic trainer who does all the heavy lifting. When I step up into the stirrups, you have to keep in mind that my knees do not work well and I just want to enjoy the day which is why all of our mares are such great trail partners. I expect them to walk in the front or back, to step slowly downhill and through ditches, to keep their mind on their job, to NOT EVER kick - bite - buck - rear. I expect them to stand for a hair cut because I always have mine groomed and prefer them clean so bathing is also a priority. We are working at adding parking out to our mix again as I continue to have knee issues and need the extra push upwards.

This mare is ready to walk into the woods with you or at the local show as a trail pleasure mare.


TWHBEA Disciplines (suitable or trained)

  • Western Pleasure
  • Trail Horse
  • Show
  • Great For Kids
  • Field Trial
  • English Pleasure
  • Endurance Riding
  • Country English Pleasure
  • Breeding

Pedigree for Mariah Carey foaled 4/26/2011 with TWHBEA registration number 21103616 

main power WGC
gold power

main mans spirit

motown connection
motown magic

main connection




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