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This mare is coming 4 and just hitting her stride.  We rode her briefly last year to see what her personality and aptitude was for learning - intelligence - demeanor and she did GREAT.  She is intelligent and takes everything in stride from trees to trucks and water.  She doesn't talk to cows but has been stabled with one.  Direct by Jose' Jose' out of a mare who is direct by Out on Parole which gives her that great combination of color, genetic beauty in conformation, and personality for that perfect trail horse.  She was put back into the field to finish growing and filling out!  February 2016 she will go back into the woods for a refresher course and she is beautiful right now - filled out and ready to go. 

Jose' Jose' mares are notorious for growing slowly and hitting their stride at about 4 or 5 years of age when they start filling in at their chest and back ends so we are starting to see that now with a strong back end to match those talented long legs she has already shown us.  

What you will see from last year already is that she is a mare who is interested in what you are doing and not frightened but does pay attention to what is going on.  She is comfortable in her own skin and I was interested to see that her first day on the farm she simply walked up to the other horses - looked them in the eye and then went about her business.  Typically about that time there would have been some type of excitement but there was a little snort from our lead mare who is also a Jose' Jose' mare and her 2nd in command then they went back to business as usual.  

She has never offered to kick, rear, bite, or act ugly as she simply isn't a mean mare by any stretch just isn't one to be beat up and simply stands her ground which is fairly neat and shows how she reacts when something really crazy happens in the woods while trail riding.  I believe it is that common sense mentality that keeps you safe on the trails and the reason why I really believe our Jose' mares are special.  





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This mare does not have a blemish on her.  She has matching stockings on the back and two really stylish eyebrows that flirt between her forelock when she is walking.  Her roan coloring is really beautiful and her legs are athletic.  She has a beautiful mane and tail - great feet, is up to date on all of her shots and takes a bath very well.  

You can give her a haircut while standing there talking in the barn or by the horse trailer and I'd have to say she is simply a phenomenal mare.  Her flaw if she has one is that we don't know her full potential as yet in speed and ability to compete as that I've found is better if we wait until the muscles catch up with the rest of her body.  Her gait is nice with 4 beat walk and head shake, she pays attention and parks out.  No canter as yet for the same reason.  This spring she's going to get that training as well as those muscles will be fully filled out and I really can't wait to see what she can do then.  

When we rode her briefly last year she was great and a was perfect fit for my program.  I expected that as  I've found with my other Jose' mare that a little lazy doesn't mean not competitive just means that they stay relaxed and keep all that power in reserve for when they need it.  My little Jose' mare by a Ritz dam is about 14.3 and just like this one - we can ride all day without her breaking much of a sweat then when things get interesting I find she's full of energy and desire but has the sense to listen to me when everything around us is going crazy. 

That being said, this mare is priced very reasonably given she is by Jose' Jose' by a dam direct by Out on Parole with the color and the age and the training.  You can't raise one for this price and the price is firm.  I like her enough to keep her here and play with her another year maybe even put her into the local show circuit as she would do well there as well.  We have horses now in 26 states, 2 overseas and we guarantee our horses to be as described and sound or your money back with a great reputation here at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horses.  I invite you to visit our website and see our sold horses, our testimonials and some of the horses we have had.  

Note they are all our of World Champions or World Grand Champions with VERY FEW exceptions and that all of them are amazing trail horses.  It's simply what we do and what we love.  I welcome your calls and your questions.

The mare is just stunningly beautiful and elegant as you will see in the photos with a glorious mane and tail that just sets her off - especially with those matching white stockings. She will be fantastic at her full potential. She is easy to work with and really does not have a let's go attitude so fantastic for trail riding. She is calm and doesn't let things bother her. 

The stud fee on Jose' Jose' is still $4,000 and the I AM JOSE' is both the 2014 and the 2013 World Grand Champion walking horse making her price point more than reasonable. Her dam is by the WGC Out on Parole which is where she is getting that striking color. The combination is a winner.

We have had her in the woods and water and she treats every new thing as if it is a walk in the park. We did not ride her at long periods of time as she is so small in muscle stature, however, each time she has done fantastic. She just doesn't get upset often. She does stand her ground with the other mares in the field showing she has a strong sense of confidence in herself.

Her gait is nice at a flat walk and at a little faster speed. You can see she is trying to put it all together so she isn't completely consistent as yet but shows she will be very good as she puts on that muscle and size. She is willing in temperament but not excitable showing she will be a great - solid mare to ride going forward and not a nervous horse. We have quite a bit of video that is straight out of the barn or in one case straight off the trailer as we have her now at Genesis in the field with the other mares growing and playing. I wanted to show her temperament and simply how calm and interesting she is as when you come to the farm I typically pull them out of the field. In my mind they should behave the same whether you ride them weekly - monthly - every 2-3 months. That is what makes a great companion on the trails and a horse you can depend on.   What are the best uses for this wonderful TWHBEA Jose' Jose' mare at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm?

  • Trail Horse
  • Show
  • Halter
  • 4H Horse
  • Field Trial
  • Country English Pleasure
  • Competitive Trail
  • Breeding

TWHBEA Pedigree for Miss Chiquita by Jose' Jose' Walking Horse Mare at Genesis TWH with foaling date:  4/15/2012 - TWHBEA registration number is 21200818.

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I have always believed firmly a horse is there to partner with their owner and you should expect exceptional ground manners and their willingness to follow your instructions. You should enjoy your horses and sitting in the saddle on a beautiful day with the sun shining on their coats and the leaves from the trees providing welcome shade will you soak up the peace and tranquility that is true pleasure riding. It is why we work so hard at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm to deliver horses that our owners can be proud of with world champion direct sires combined with talent and intelligence.

I will be glad to answer any questions you might have and visitors are always welcome here at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm in Slaughters Kentucky simply give me a call (270-339-4176). Miss Chiquita by Jose' Jose' is a perfect example of the fact that the perfect Tennessee Walking Horse is out there for you and at Genesis TWH in Kentucky.



Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm in Slaughters Kentucky specializes in mares by world champion sires with common sense, wonderful temperaments, and athletic ability who are a true pleasure to work with. We have horses in 26 states now and 2 overseas with a reputation for excellence. We guarantee our horses to be sound and as described. I'd love the opportunity to talk to you about our ladies. - Marion Miller (270) 339-4176 | Marion@genesistwh.com | Contact Us

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