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mae_capone.jpgCONGRATULATIONS DALE ANN WILSON and THANK YOU!! Dale is a repeat GenesisTWH Farm owner having purchased Owl's Simply Irresistable last year from us as a pleasure mare. She has turned into a great friend and an enjoyable riding partner as well. When deciding to start a horse farm with breeding program she chose to look at our mares at GenesisTWH first and purchased this great mare for a couple of reasons. According to Dale, she wanted a mare with a world champion pedigree, with beautiful conformation and ground manners that you could safely use for other riders at the farm. Mae will be bred this year but the stud has not been chosen you can stay updated HERE on her accomplishments at her new farm home. ALSO, Hootie will be bred Champion Blue Roan Walking Horse sire more HERE. 

Genesis TWH in Slaughters KY: Mae Capone 4 year old Tennessee Walking Horse mare by Al Capone and a direct Skywatch mare. This chestnut walking horse mare is absolutely stunning to look at and works with her handler in a very responsive way.  She has a stride that covers ground and a start to her canter that you will see below in the videos. This mare also has a lot of personality as you will see by her photos which reflect a typical day at the farm.  Mae is affectionate and easy to work with. She is for sale and will suit the intermediate rider for most any use. Mae is in the Kentucky Breeders Incentive Fund. She handles fantastic and is for sale at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm in Slaughters Kentucky. We also have her dam which is by Skywatch and is in foal to The Whole Nine Yards for Spring 2011. 

Mae Capone is a coming 4 year old Tennessee Walking Horse by Capone who was a world champion and a direct Skywatch mare. Mae is gorgeous with long flowing mane and tail that is flaxen, high headed, and beautiful personality. This is the epitome of what we raise and train here at Genesis TWH. A horse with intelligence that is easy to work with and ready for most level riders by world champion sires and dam....plus beautiful!

NEW PHOTOS OF MAE CAPONE TWH! These photos are from our trail riding trip to Wranglers LBL Campground in Western Kentucky which is a great place to visit and ride. The video below is also from the saddle on that ride. Sorry....she did not have a bath and how I took the only horse without a bath and haircut trail riding that weekend I don't know but even with that her beautiful flaxen hair and coat are sparkling in the sunlight. 



We did have her priced lower earlier this year at the amount our farm taxes were. We WILL honor that pricing for those that talked with us about Mae then through the Spring which I consider Memorial Day Weekend. Mae is amazing to work with and will park out for you to mount, working on teaching her to do so dismounting. She stands to be groomed and clipped without twitching, enjoys a bathe and will lead softly. She loads and unloads without issues and behaves in the barn, trailer, or anywhere else you take her.  She has been trained to trail ride through most everything and isn't spooky that we can see with dogs, traffic, trailers, tarps, water. Recently found out while sitting on her in the middle of the road with nowhere to go that she doesn't mind a large winnebago rolling by with a horse trailer. I can't say the same for her rider as that got my heart rate up. She also discovered porta potties, large dozers, and bridge construction that day with no issues at all.  I will admit that no one came out of said porta potty unexpectedly which helped but just didn't faze her. I have videos of me riding her with my iphone filming between her ears as the other horses ride away and leave us in the field on the trails. You will be able to tell from her body language that it wasn't a problem. I'll also upload some additional photos here of our ride at Wranglers in April. 

Mae has the athletic ability to be the horse you are looking for if you want to ride all day at a running walk then this mare has the talent to do so, but enjoys her rider and the scenery so will come back down with relative ease should you want to after you give her the command to do so. She will not run away with you. 

There are multiple videos for you to look at that indicate this walking horse's ability to listen to her rider yet stride on when asked. She does have the beginning canter thus far, a flat walk, a running walk, and a racking gait for those who want to move on. She has been tethered for long periods of time, through the mud, ditches, and some water. She has ridden alone and with traffic plus dogs underfoot without any issues. She has a soft mouth and is very responsive to the bit so doesn't need a hard hand. Mae Capone has sense and ability which the Tennessee Walking Horse is known for and by world champion lineage


How often do you get the perfect photo of a twh horse enjoying themselves fully in mid roll after a ride or a bathe. Mae is doing just that and being the perfect horse holding her profile for my caption shot!  Even dirty she is paying attention to her good looks.






This TWHBEA mare is wonderful to work with and it doesn't get any better than this at the end of a day watching our ladies enjoy. Mae Capone Under Saddle at Genesis TWH in Slaughters Kentucky going into the canter.

 TWHBEA mare Mae Capone showing what a lady she can be under saddle with stress of a rider who wants to stand up at Genesis TWH in Kentucky.

Disciplines (suitable or trained) for TWHBEA mare Mae Capone. We did show her once in 2010 at the Bowling Green Keeps Show and she placed 8th out of 16 horses her first time in an indoor arena. We simply gave her a bath and a haircut and sent her to the show to see what she could do and the KWHBIF program pays the horse owner for passing DQ and showing in KEEPS approved shows for that horse and her dam or sire if they are in the program. Horses must be born in Kentucky to show in the program but can be placed in the program as a sire or dam if they are in Kentucky.  As we had Mae and her dam it was a great opportunity for us as walking horse owners.

Your horse should be well mannered, should be easy to work with, should be intelligent, should be beautiful, and you should absolutely be able to depend on your horse in most any situation that does not include the absurd. The key to pleasure horses is just that....they are a pleasure to ride, work with, and interact with every day whether you ride them daily, weekly, or monthly.  Look for intelligence in their eyes and how they handle themselves.  Each one is different and has special qualities. I hope you find your next pleasure horse here at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm in Western Kentucky and if I can be of any help to you in looking for that special trail riding or pleasure use walking horse give me a call. It is always wonderful talking about horses to others, horses are my passion.

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Pedigree for TWHBEA Mae Capone foaled 5/19/2007 with TWHBEA registration number 20701335. This beautiful mare is in the Kentucky Walking Horse Breeders Incentive Fund (KWHBIF) Program.  


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Contact us today to get more information on Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Mares in Slaughters Kentucky Cell Phone 270-339-4176 or email at marion@isurfnews.com  We also have this mare's dam for sale at Genesis who is expecting a Whole Nine Yards foal in April of 2011. Her foal for 2010 was by Ample Cash.  See a more in depth profile and photos in our CarMil Mares section.

Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm in Slaughters Kentucky specializes in mares by world champion sires with common sense, wonderful temperaments, and athletic ability who are a true pleasure to work with. We have horses in 26 states now and 2 overseas with a reputation for excellence. We guarantee our horses to be sound and as described. I'd love the opportunity to talk to you about our ladies. - Marion Miller (270) 339-4176 | Marion@genesistwh.com | Contact Us

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