13569790 1353915324624370 1125801311 oSOLD TO TN. She is unique and has a personality that will not be pigeonholed. She is inquisitive but not in your space. She enjoys the attention but doesn't always want you to know how easy she is. Leads and loads easy. Takes a bath and haircut without any issues and I mean tied to the trailer not cross-tied. She is ready to go when she's mounted as her DNA is set to be task-oriented and she knows it's time to go to work. Her head is bowed beautifully and she looks like she is going into the ring. She travels really nicely even with 3 shoes on in the mountains which should be uncomfortable and it wasn't amazingly smooth but it really wasn't bad either so that was great as we were there several days without a farrier.

WHY IS SHE FOR SALE? Well in 18 years we haven't kept anything but as we get older, we have decided to keep a couple at the farm for those days we just don't feel like a challenge. I have 2 Jose' Jose' mares that are amazing and have settled on the smaller to ride all the time which means the larger mare that I love was home all the time which is cruel punishment as she loves to go. It was sold to her so she had a home where she was being used and appreciated as she deserved or Izzy. Mark loves Margarita as well so that was an easy decision.

You will find that the mare does have a motor and wants to go but can be held by both two fingers and voice commands. Also, she will ALWAYS walk downhill slowly and through ditches slowly - carefully. She does watch where she is going.

She is NOT for the inexperienced rider as she is ready for the light to be green NO YOU DO NOT have to tug on her all day long, but you can't set the reigns down and expect her to just amble along as that isn't her way. If you don't pay attention you will simply be going the speed of the other riders, if that is fine with you as your fellow riders are going the speed you like then NO Problem, if not she's going to be faster than you may want her to be and if you don't have any experience or you get nervous that isn't a situation you want to be in and not one I want you in either so I try to be as outspoken about our horses as possible.

What is really unique about this mare outside the fact that she is a mahogany bay which means she is more red-brown in tone is her personality. She is like that puppy when you come into the house who wants you to come over and see them first- pet them first - feed them first and doesn't understand why you didn't.

13570095 1353915314624371 856002144 oWhat does she do when you feed the others first? She sulks - looks at you with utter disbelief and just can't believe it. If she is on the tether line she actually hops a little on her front feet which "I can't believe". She is going to be a horse that will utterly do anything for her rider and that one rider is "her" rider. That isn't to say others can't ride her but she has such an interesting and unique personality it will really click with her rider and they will want to ride her.

She prefers the front but will ride in the back, she will be more sweaty and you can hold her with 3 fingers but if you let loose a little, she is going to go faster and then will breathe a sigh of relief with her whole body when you get to the front. My husband always has assigned them comic book characteristics and she is hard to pigeonhole as there are so many of them in there. I swear we could write a book, but she is a mare that would fit well with anyone who likes to ride endurance, long-range, is confident in their skill set, and will not spoil her completely rotten.

Nothing we have kicks, bites, doesn't take a haircut or load in the trailer, doesn't lead well on a lead line, or stands tied on a tether line. Her big flaw is that she isn't one to stand absolutely and perfectly still when you are mounting. She wants to move a little bit.
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