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GenesisTWH Farm in Kentucky has many great stories, but this one I think is great and for the record I "have not" fallen off a horse in quite a lot of years! This great story was sent by a riding buddy of mine, Sandy Coyle from Tennessee who also rides a Tennessee Walking Horse mare. There is a technique to falling the "right way". Let's see if you know how.

The Seven Stages of Aging on Horseback from a mature perspective. 

Stage I: Fall off pony. Bounce. Laugh. Climb back on. Repeat.

Stage 2: Fall off horse. Run after horse, cussing. Climb back on by shimmying up horse’s neck. Ride until sundown.

Stage 3: Fall off horse. Use sleeve of shirt to stanch bleeding. Have friend help you get back on horse. Take two Advil and apply ice packs when you get home. Ride next day. Then avoid moving too much for several days after that.
State 4: Fall off horse. Refuse advice to call ambulance; drive self to urgent care clinic. Entertain nursing staff with tales of previous daredevil stunts on horseback. Back to riding before cast comes off.  After all you have reinforced joints don't you?

Stage 5: Fall off horse. Temporarily forget name of horse and name of husband. Flirt shamelessly with paramedics when they arrive. Spend week in hospital while titanium pins are screwed in place. Start riding again before doctor gives official okay.

Stage 6: Fall off horse. Fail to see any humor when hunky paramedic says, “You again?” Gain firsthand knowledge of advances in medical technology thanks to stint in ICU. Convince self that permanent limp isn’t that noticeable. Promise husband you’ll give up riding. One week later purchase older, slower, shorter horse. Maybe even more expensive horse.

Stage 7: Slip off horse. Relieved when artificial joints and implanted medical devices seem unaffected. Tell husband that scrapes and bruises are due to gardening accident. Pretend you don’t see husband roll his eyes and mutter as he walks away. Give apple to horse.

Trust me. Despite a lack of bounce-ability, aging on horseback isn’t so bad, as long as you know what lies ahead.  And as long as you keep your sense of humor which is my top priority at GenesisTWH Farm in Slaughters Kentucky. 


Other Tips: 

1.) EZ Stirrup so that you can actually mount your horse while trail riding easily.   FIND THE EZ STIRRUP HERE

2.) If you've have any arthritis or other issues that make it hard for you to dismount, use the EZ Stirrup then lean over your saddle a bit to take the pressure off your stirrup and lift it up with the toe of your boot, NOW you are a hand taller again and can swing that leg over the saddle easily. *I actually had my stirrup quite some time before figuring that out, it was a friend of mine who had a hip replacement and still had issues because of his inability to swing his leg over easily that opened my eyes to the magic of this tip.

3.)  Bike Pants!  Great gel insert for those who don't have a lot of backside or who want a more cushioned approach to riding. I got this tip from a friend who had cancer and have tried it. Now I won't leave the horse trailer without them on. Huge difference in my comfort level especially as I generally am flat seated in the saddle and do not put pressure on my stirrups. 

If you have any other tips and information to make it easier send them to me and I will add them to this article. 

Send Your Easy Tips for Riders to Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm, KY at:  Marion@MarionMiller.co

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