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Pedigree, Pedigree, and Personality is why I chose this Jose Jose mare for my personal mount at Genesis TWH Farm: What is a great horse and why do we choose that special horse to ride?  Since 1994 I have always ridden horses that had good manners, were controllable, and beautiful to look at. It is what I have expected from my mares even if they haven't ridden in a couple of months. That dependable sense of either leading or following without issues, walking carefully through ditches, and travelling slowly downhill. Ocassionally you may want to have saddle bags on or slap at a fly without worrying about what your horse is going to do.  It is the criteria we have built our Tennessee Walking Horse Farm and pleasure horse business around.  Sensible yet beautiful mares with world champion or better pedigrees that you can depend on every time you saddle up.  

Margorita was age 3 when I found her in Western Kentucky and sired by Jose' Jose who is one of the two most expensive sires in the Tennessee Walking Horse industry. Her dam is by Delights Cold Ice and she is a dark chestnut standing about 14.3 hands tall. Her personality is amazingly docile given she will not pass a show inspection due to some scarring on her front feet. Margorita also had a pound pony look with a tail that was half missing and a scraggly mane.  My criteria is that a horse has to have a pedigree that is comparable to hers and I am a fanatic about the condition of their coat and hair. My mares always have a haircut and get bathed more often than they like with religious brushing so it is distinctly different that Margorita and I gelled so quickly. When you add into the equation she did not have any trail experience and given the weather we didn't even saddle her up it is really amazing. 

I have often uttered the words I think this is the one I'll keep then invariably sell her and move on to the next horse so my family did not believe me at first. I enjoy riding new mares and training them in what I consider basic trail and horse etiquette., however, a lot has changed in my life over the past 4 years with knee replacement surgeries and limited riding ability. I was truly looking for a horse that I could keep for that visitor who wanted to ride who is inexperienced, a young rider, or when my knees were aching. This little mare is exactly what I was looking for and proves that the outside does not always reflect what is true and within. 

I will admit that the hair issue has been traumatic and I discovered not all horses have to be saddled up the same (you can cut their air off and limit their endurance considerably).  Her mane no longer waves at everyone in a dapper mohawk and her tail has grown past her knees so we almost look dignified. I have found out what my clients have talked about so passionately...the perfect horse for me to depend on and enjoy. She doesn't make our other mares less special, simply she fits me. 

I have always felt quite passionate about helping our clients find exactly what they are looking for and guaranteeing our horses to be what we state taking time to go over every detail of what each horse is like based on what we know from dealing with the horse every day. Now I know what they achieve in finding that horse they are looking for and why it matters so very much. To everyone who has worked with us and given us their referral to friends and family I thank you especially as I know now what that feeling is like. You  have truly given Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse farm something special when you recommend us to help others find what they are looking for.

9/25/2010 Camping trip to Wranglers Campground at LBL in Kentucky we met Ann Savage who was visiting Wranglers in hopes of seeing some of our local horses as she raises and trains hunter jumpers in Oswestry England. I was happy to dismount and give her the opportunity to discover the Tennessee Walking Horse and what I think of as Kentucky hospitality with a ride on Margo Rita. She enjoyed the experience of finding out with the Tennessee Walking Horse 4 beat walk was all about which is vastly different than that of her mounts.

Fashion wear for the great horse. Undignified I'm sure from her view, but a lot of fun. You can also see that my horse packs everything from a fly whisk to saddle bags, camera bag, and cantle bag, plus horn bag. When you ride for the day, its important to use the correct accessories and these pro-choice neoprene bags are amazingly light yet durable. It is a shame that they no longer carry them at Professional Choice  as these are the perfect accessory.  Mine have lasted for 8 years now and still look great, they hold ice for hours and do not leak, plus they are not bulky or heavy for my horse to pack. 



  • Trail Horse
  • Show
  • Halter
  • Great For Kids
  • Field Trial
  • Country English Pleasure
  • Competitive Trail
  • Breeding


Pedigree for Margo Rita foaling date:  4/16/2007 with TWHBEA registration number 20701648 by Jose' Jose'

jose jose
gen's major general

stormy's ruby
prides generator

delights lucky charm

prides stormy night


cold ice centerfold
delights cold ice

gens gallant girl
suns delight d

lackeys dark

prides generator

powers little miss

I will be glad to answer any questions you might have and visitors are always welcome here at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm in Slaughters Kentucky simply give me a call (270-339-4176). Margo Rita is not for sale but is a perfect example of the fact that the perfect Tennessee Walking Horse is out there for you and at Genesis TWH in Kentucky.  

UPDATE: I just sent her back to Megan Pettit to finish training her for her walking horse canter and can't wait to have videos up. It amazes me how much this litle horse has come to mean to me and i LOVE the canter now that I have experienced it. 


Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse Farm in Slaughters Kentucky specializes in mares by world champion sires with common sense, wonderful temperaments, and athletic ability who are a true pleasure to work with. We have horses in 26 states now and 2 overseas with a reputation for excellence. We guarantee our horses to be sound and as described. I'd love the opportunity to talk to you about our ladies. - Marion Miller (270) 339-4176 | Marion@genesistwh.com | Contact Us

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