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wranglers_457x250.JPGWhat do you have to eat say our Genesis TWH Mares? One of our favorite trail riding locations as it is so close to the house and has great trails. We rode two separate weekends for the 4th of July week. This photo is from the picnic table at the famous Blue Hole at LBL Wranglers Kentucky.

The 4th weekend we had Sarah from Clarksville come down for the day and ride Legacy who is by Black Diamond Ritz and has a new owner Mallory in Madisonville Kentucky. 

We rode to the Blue Hole and trail One at LBL Wranglers Campground. We camped in the Pines for a shady afternoon quiet time.

Our general riding is slow with stops in between places and a packed lunch. Sometimes we make it 10 miles others we are in the saddle longer but the main goal is to enjoy the ride with our horses behaving. The perfect moment for me was when Sarah said she hadn't realized how easy riding could be and her horse did perfectly while mine of course decided to enjoy the lake a lot more than I would have liked. Lesson to learn is that when your tack is on incorrectly it can really cause your horse pain. My saddle pad was changed to a new and thicker pad which I felt was wonderful, but it was shorter on the sides and the neoprene girth caused bruising on her ribs where the rings were biting into her side. As a result after riding for any real length of time, she would lay down and try to move the saddle. She was quiet and graceful about it so it was almost comical even with my knee issues but really caused my horse some pain. So Always Check your Tack "Especially" when purchasing new tack. Inspect your pads and saddle fleece often as well as those pressure points are often problematic as well.  

Charlene Carson, my partner in CarMil Breeding, and I went down for the other 4th weekend and rode in what we would call perfect weather. Her 2 year old sorrell Delilah is actually by Owl's Simply Irresistable (Hootie) and born at Genesis Tennessee Walking Horse farm. Charlene fell in love with thi newborn twhbea filly after seeing her day one of her new life and it was the start of our CarMil twhbea walking mare breeding program. This 2 year old filly shows how wonderful a young walking horse can be to ride. It is really about the horse's personality and the training. It is also about expecting your horse to behave and be dependable every day. Charlene is absolutely enjoying her laid back attitude and easy ways. Delilah was trained by Megan Pettit in Princeton Kentucky who is exceptionally talented and works our horses for us. I will be glad to give anyone who needs her services the phone number to contact her.

The other mare you see to the right is Margo Rita my 3 year old Jose mare who is much happier now that I have started tacking her up correctly. Both these young mares are ones that Charlene and I are keeping for personal use and a perfect example of why young TWHBEA mares are absolutely a pleasure to ride in any situation. The blaze faced mare is Twisted Silver by TWHBEA World Grand Champion Silver Dollar who was my husband's mare to ride for the day.

By: Marion M Miller of Genesis TWH Farm and CarMil Mares located in Slaughters Kentucky call 270-339-4176 or Email:  Marion@iSurfNews.com

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